Start/Stop Scripts — Linux

This section describes different start and stop procedures depending on how you installed JasperReports Server: using the bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL or using an existing Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

Manual Start/Stop

You typically start and stop JasperReports Server at the Linux command line. Run the following commands in a Linux shell.

Start JasperReports Server:

cd <js-install>

./ start

Stop JasperReports Server:

cd <js-install>

./ stop

To start and stop individual components:

cd <js-install>
./ start|stop   postgresql
./ start|stop   tomcat 

Auto Start/Stop with Bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL

To have JasperReports Server automatically start when you reboot your Linux server, you need to install the JasperReports Server database and application server as services. If you have installed JasperReports Server using the binary installer with the bundled Tomcat and bundled PostgreSQL options, an example jasperserver service script can be found in the following location:


Edit this script and set permissions as described in the <js-install>/scripts/linux/readme file in the same location.

Once installed, these services are started automatically when you reboot. Consequently, the JasperReports Server also automatically restarts.