Mac OSX Issues

Problem Starting JasperReports Server on Mac

Jaspersoft has seen some issues caused by the improper shutdown of the Tomcat included with the JasperReports Server. This could be related to the machine being shutdown while Tomcat is running.

When the Tomcat scripts start Tomcat, they write a .pid (Process ID) file to the Tomcat folder. Tomcat uses this to determine whether the Tomcat instance is already running. When Tomcat is shutdown, this pid file is removed. However, if the pid file is not removed on shutdown, Tomcat will fail to start up.

You may see this when you double-click the startup. It will seem like JasperReports Server is starting up but it never actually starts up.

In order to recover from this issue, you will need to manually delete the pid file.

Delete using Finder:

1. Navigate to the <js-install>/tomcat/temp folder

For instance: /Applications/jasperreports-server-<ver>/tomcat/temp

2. Delete

Delete the file using Terminal shell:

1. Open a Terminal shell (Finder > Go > Utilities > Terminal Icon)
2. Navigate to the <js-install>/tomcat/temp folder

For instance: /Applications/jasperreports-server-<ver>/tomcat/temp

3. Enter the following command:


To start and stop the PostgreSQL and Tomcat components separately from the command line shell:

1. Open a Terminal shell (Finder > Go > Utilities > Terminal Icon).
2. Navigate to the <js-install> folder.

For instance: /Applications/jasperreports-server-<ver>

3. To Start:

./ctlscript start postgresql

./ctlscript start tomcat

4. To shutdown:

./ctlscript stop


./ctlscript stop tomcat

./ctlscript stop postgresql