Start/Stop Menu — Windows

This section describes different start and stop procedures depending on how you installed JasperReports Server: using the bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL or using an existing Tomcat and PostgreSQL.

Start/Stop Menus — Bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL

If you chose to install a bundled Tomcat and a bundled PostgreSQL with JasperReports Server, use the Windows Start menu items to start and stop JasperReports Server.

To start or stop JasperReports Server from the Windows Start menu:

Click Start > All Programs > JasperReports Server> Start or Stop Services > Start Service.
Click Start > All Programs > JasperReports Server> Start or Stop Services > Stop Service.

Additional Information about the Bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL

JasperReports Server Windows Service Names:

The Windows Services Panel lists entries for PostgreSQL and Tomcat which are installed as Windows Services by the installer. These services are listed as:


Preventing JasperReports Server from starting up automatically:

By default, the bundled services are started automatically on a reboot. Consequently, the JasperReports Server also automatically starts. You can change the startup mode for the services from automatic to manual:

In the Windows Services Panel, select jasperreportsTomcat
Right-click the jasperreportsTomcat service, and select properties
Change the Startup type drop-down setting from Automatic to Manual
Do the same for the jasperreportsPostgreSQL service

To Start JasperReports Server from the Windows Services Panel:

Open the Windows Services Panel
Select jasperreportsPostgreSQL, click Start
Select jasperreportsTomcat, click Start

To Start JasperReports Server from the CMD Shell:

JasperReports Server can be manually started from a Windows Command Shell:

Open a Windows CMD Shell
Navigate to the root of the <js-install> folder (C:\Jaspersoft\jasperreports-server-cp-<ver>)
servicerun START
servicerun STOP (to shutdown JasperReports Server)

Running Processes:

When JasperReports Server is running, the Windows Task Manager lists information about the processes running under the SYSTEM user name:


Start/Stop Scripts — No Bundled Applications

During installation, if you chose to install one bundled and one existing Tomcat or PostgreSQL, you can use the Windows start/stop scripts to start and stop only the bundled one.

For example, if you have an existing Tomcat and you install the bundled PostgreSQL, the scripts and menus specified in the previous section would start and stop the PostgreSQL application. To start and stop the existing Tomcat, you would use the management scripts provided by the Tomcat application.

JasperReports Server needs to have database and application servers started in this order:

First, start the database server.
Next, start the application server.