Choosing Installation Type

When you run the installer, you choose an “Install Type”. The first option installs all installer components and sample data resources. The second option, “Custom Install” lets you choose which components to install and whether to include sample data resources.

Install All Components and Samples Option:

This option copies a Bundled version of the Apache Tomcat package and a Bundled version of the PostgreSQL database to your file system. Additionally, all sample data resources (Reports, Data Sources, OLAP Views, etc) are added to your JasperReports Server and additional sample databases are created. With this install option, the installer will attempt to find open Tomcat ports in the 8080 and higher range. And for the PostgreSQL port, the installer will start with port 5432 and then try values higher than this if 5432 is already being used.

After you choose this first option, you can next choose the installation directory for JasperReports Server. Then, next, all files and components can be installed without requiring any further information.

Custom Install:

With the custom install, you have the following choices: install a Bundled Tomcat or use an Existing Tomcat, install a Bundled PostgreSQL or use an Existing PostgreSQL, choose ports for Tomcat and PostgreSQL, and choose whether to install sample data resources or not.