Completing the Installation

After the files have been installed, you see the final installation screen. There are several post-installation options:

View Release Notes - If you choose to view the release notes, you must exit the release notes text viewer before JasperReports Server will launch and open a browser (if you have chosen that option below).
Launch JasperReports Server Now - If you choose to launch JasperReports Server from the installer, the installer exits and the application server starts if you chose the bundled Tomcat and PostgreSQL. A pause that lasts approximately 25 seconds occurs as the server starts up, then the login page appears in your system default browser. If you’re installing under Linux, do not close the terminal window running the start script. For information about logging in, see Logging into JasperReports Server.

The Launch JasperReports Server Now check box option will only be displayed if you have chosen to install a bundled Tomcat and a bundled PostgreSQL. The menu based start/stop scripts only control the bundled applications that you chose to be installed. For more information, see Starting and Stopping JasperReports Server.

Additionally, if you do not choose to Launch JasperReports Server Now the bundled components will not be started. If you only have one bundled component this component will not be started unless you use the Start/Stop menus or scripts. To Start and Stop JasperReports Server see Starting and Stopping JasperReports Server.

Opt-in for JasperServer Heartbeat - When the heartbeat is enabled, the server sends anonymous system and version information to Jaspersoft using HTTPS. JasperReports Server heartbeat information helps Jaspersoft create better products by improving our understanding of customer installation environments. For more information, see JasperReports Server Heartbeat.

Make your choices, then click Finish.

You should now be ready to log into the server.