Jasperserver With Spark SQL


It looks like Jasperserver 6.1.0 had introduced connector to Apache Spark SQL Thrift Server, but for some reason it has been removed from version 6.1.1. Any idea what is the reason behind this rollback?

Also, has anyone used this combo (Jasperserver 6.1.0 with Apache Spark SQL) before in prodcution environment?

Thanks in advance.


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That is strange, let me look into it.

marianol - 7 years 4 months ago

2 Answers:

I don't think there was a Spark datasource. There's a  Cassandra Thrift datasource but Cassandra project recommends switching to CQL instead of using Thrift.

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Spark SQL (1.1, 1.2 and 1.3) is certified on 6.2 via TIBCO JDBC Drivers. If you have an account for the Support portal, check the Jaspersoft Platform Support V6.2 document (not available yet on the public website).

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Hi Kkumlin,

Yes. it looks like 6.2 has official support for Spark SQL. 

The issue I was facing with 6.1 along with Tibco-Spark JDBC Driver was that it was not able to retrieve the metadata from Hive Metastore. I started the Metastore service and it started working fine. 

Thanks for your responses. Appreciate it. 



Aditya S - 7 years 3 months ago

If its appropriate, and you can get the doc to me, I can post it in the Docs area.

djohnson53 - 6 years 4 months ago