unable to install Jaspersoft studio


I am using windows 8, 64 bits OS. I have already had JRE and JDK, but when I clicked the exe file of jasper studio, my windows displays that "This app can't run on your PC". I downloaded the exe file called  "jaspersoftstudio-5.6.0.final-windows-installer-x86_64.exe " . 


Can someone help me why I can't install itproperly? The same error occured when I tried to install Jasper report server

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3 Answers:


Try downloading the file again. The file size should be 324,497 KB.


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Yes this is the problem. The file I downloaded only had 2KB. After downloading the real file, it works perfectly fine

miao.gao.2010 - 6 years 2 months ago

are you sure of the configuration of your operating system?
This kind of error message usually occurs when you try to install a 64bit program into an x86 OS.

Since also the JRS installer is giving you the same error, I suspect your system is a 32bit.


P.S: I personally installed the x64 version of JSS in my home PC (Windows 8.1 64bit) a week ago and it was working fine.

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i have also faced the same problem , first check if configuration is good , if after that also does not work then install j2se 5.0. It worked for me .

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