Is it possible to update a field as part of a report?


I am thinking specifically of two cases:

  • A flag (boolean field) that is set when a row is printed
  • A sequence number that is auto-incremented when a row is printed

Hoping someone has done this etc.

Thanks in advance, even if the answer is an unequivocal "no."

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3 Answers:


You'll have to do it outside JasperReports or modify JasperReports library to do that.

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Not really, the report is only executing the main query and subdataser queries, it doesn't communicate with the database afterwards.

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You could use an own scriptlet class to update your field(s) within the database after it's printed

For e.g. when your field is placed in a common detail band you could implement afterDetailEval.

see here or also here

hth + regards


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