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  1. As the PrintWhenExpression should be evaluated always at NOW you can't hide it via a PrintWhenExpression BUT you could give that FooterTextField an EvaluationTime at "Report" (so if you are working with the DummySubReport) and try to use an "inline" IfThenElse TextExpression alá: $V{COLUMN_COUNT} >1?"continued in next page":""[/code](not sure if it was column or report count, just try) Just give it a try... it's quite some years ago, when I made it. But I know it can work. regards from snowy Dresden/Germany C-Box
  2. Don't use margings in the SubReport when used within a MainReport... that's it what I would first try As the margins are fixed regards from Germany C-Box
  3. Have you already checked, if one of the fields is NULL?? Try to change the order of the expression to: (not sure whether your ZIP is plain int or Integer or String, that's why my convert to String): "NEW YORK".equalsIgnoreCase($F{city}) && ("10001").equals(String.valueOf($F{city_zip})) ? $F{sales_amount}:0 by default, Jasper is not null-safe... so you should be aware of correct order for equals-comparisons hth + regards C-Box
  4. Have you tried this also when you simulate being in January? So I doubt, that just subtracting 1 from current month will automatically switch to december and then also decrements the year to the past one!?!? Just give it a try and post your result.... would be interessting. regards from rainy Dresden/Germany C-Box
  5. First it seems that your SubReport has the wrong page format (full size letter/A4 ??) but when you use it within a "surrounding" main report, (as shown in your screenshot) you can't use the full page width as the SubReportElement itself is just a part of the calling main report. So either shrink the SubReport width to the calling element width or enlarge the SubReport-Element width to full page-with of MainReport. Second it seems that you forgot to pass the (query) parameter (ID?) and/or the ReportConnection for the query from MainReport to SubReport, isn't it? That would explain, why your subreport returns values when is executed standalone but doesn't show values when executed from MainReport. just check the SubReport-Parameter at the SubReport-Element in your MainReport. hth + regards C-Box
  6. Do you mean with "footer" a static band like PAGE-FOOTER or a dynamic band like GROUP-FOOTER? In a static band there is no chance to dynamically shrink the band height, as the defined band heights in jrxml are fixed. In a dynamic band (e.g. detail, group-headers/footers) you just have to set "RemoveLineWhenBlank" to true at each textfield that you want to hide with PrintWhenExpression. And be sure, that your textfields are not overlapping each other and also that no other element is using the same vertical space (e.g. a surrounding rectangle or vertical line)... otherwise RemoveLineWhenBlank WON'T work. hth + regards C-Box
  7. I guess your PNG (Sans-titre.png) itself is transparent and not filled with a background color. So as it's (as far as I know) forbidden to use such transparent images in PDF/A, you will get this error. Just try to convert your PNG to a white backgrounded PNG without any transparency and run the PDF/A export again regards from Dresden/Germany C-Box
  8. As far as I know Jasper still doesn't support full html source/tags within textfields. Just the simple ones like for example <b> <i> <u> <font> <sup> are supported. It's quite difficult to implement a (inner) content changing layout within a simple textfield that is part of a JasperReport (outer) design as well. So imagine a <table> within a textfield that is part of a table component in Jasper also?!? So I guess that's why there won't be any FULL html support in JasperReports. There was a HTML Component (look into the tracker for former discussions with Teodor) that actually should do that, but this isn't working as expected. So the only way I know is to render the content with e.g. the JEditorPane or any other "html2image" component to an image object and print that in your reports.... but then you have to live with the limitations of scaling, resolution and breaking pages. So a very ugly solution. Sorry but perhaps anyone knows it better!??! regards C-Box
  9. Perhaps an Scriptlet could build you a bridge between the called report from PHP to the JavaApp (so e.g. beforeReportInit ... see here: https://community.jaspersoft.com/blog/all-you-want-know-about-scriptlets ) hth + regards C-Box
  10. Sounds as you just forgot to set the Flag "StretchWithOverflow" at your TextField to true. Be aware that each element below such a stretching textfield should have PositionType set to "Float" instead the default "FixRelativeToTop" The width of a textfield can't be modified at runtime, as TextFields can just stretch to bottom and not to the right (when I understood your question right, you have asked for any way to do something like that, isn't it?) hth + regards C-Box
  11. There are newly (not sure what JasperVersion.. something bigger that 6.x I guess) introduced variables for much easier usage of PageNumbering with SubReports and so on Just take a look into the built-in variables MASTER_CURRENT_PAGE and MASTER_TOTAL_PAGES. BTW: Also you could use the "LastPageFooter-Band" as well to explicitly set your EOC flag differently without any complicated expression hth + regards C-Box
  12. IMHO actually the BeatDatasources uses reflection with invoking getter-Calls of the Bean - not sure whether newer versions of JasperReports do still so, as reflection will be forbidden in future java releases when I understood right. When I remember right, you could use the description at the Fields in jrxml to "wrap" it to something other in the class names. But you said, that you can't modify the jrxmls actually... so the only (dirty) idea I have, just rename the fields in your class to "Capitalized" names (not nice, as in Java actually fields are starting in lowercase starting, but working nevertheless) so somthing like private String Start = "initialFieldValueForStart";[/code]just give it a try.... otherwise try to refactor the jrxmls hth + regards C-Box
  13. You could try to set the crosstab-property "IgnoreWidth" to false. Not sure but I could imagine, that this is causing an break and not spanning to the right page border. Just give it a try hth + regards C-Box
  14. Well I tried your design... and just "colored" a bit: :-) Is causing this: When shrinking the outer (red) frame to this: The outer space is of course smaller: So not sure why you "wasted so much space and why you use a frame within a frame at all... but the inner frame doesn't cause the outer frame to shrink... even when RemoveLinenWhenBlank is set to both frames, there is nothing inside the frame, that could moved upwards so the frame distances till their end will be kept. hth + regards C-Box
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