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  1. Hi, There seems to be no variable called "streamBackground" in the "a" JRXML. Maybe I'm missing something... When the "b" and "c" reports fails on your side, what is the error you have in logs for each of them? Can you provide the stack traces of these errors? Thank you, Teodor
  2. Hi, If you have a JRXML with a big Base64 image in it that used to work in 6.12.2 and no longer works in 6.20.6, please share it with us. Thank you, Teodor
  3. Hi, JasperReports release 7 is months away. Not sure if it will be out before the end of this year. Work is in progress because it is not only about Jakarta migration, but also separation of various optional extensions to optimise and restructure our dependencies system. You can try the latest 7.0.0-SNAPSHOT artifacts from our public Maven repo at: https://jaspersoft.jfrog.io/ui/repos/tree/General/jr-ce-snapshots/net/sf/jasperreports/jasperreports/7.0.0-SNAPSHOT I hope this helps. Teodor
  4. Hi, Are you migrating your application to Jakarta? I am asking because JasperReports already works with Java 17, so you don't need to wait for version 7. Thank you, Teodor
  5. Hi, Achieving this behaviour means customising the way word break policy occurs in Java/AWT. It is not trivial and this can only be done in the context of a request for enhancement, as it is not considered a bug. It would have been easier if word wrap would have been disabled altogether, but what we are talking about here is custom word break policy. It is not even clear how such custom word break policy would be configured. Would it be about establishing a list of characters that should or should not cause word breaks? Definetly not trivial. Thank you, Teodor
  6. You did not clarify it for me. So let me ask it differently: If there is a space character somewhere, would you want the word after it to be moved onto next row or should it be cut in the middle? For example, if there is a space between the BBBs and the CCCs, should it look like this: AAAAAAA%BBBBBB CCCCCCC CCCCC Or should it look like this: AAAAAAA%BBBBBB CCCCCCCCCCCC So I understand that special characters cause unwanted breaks for you, but should we prevent all word breaks, including the classical white spaces and tabs? No word wrap anymore, just break anywhere element width dictates?
  7. Hi, What we see here is standard Java word break/wrap policy and not the result of something we implemented ourselves. It is not clear what exactly you are looking. Are you looking for changing the list of characters that can trigger word breaks, or would you rather have any word cut in the middle if it does not fit? Are you looking to change the way words break/wrap, or are you looking for disabling word break/wrap altogether and simply cut text wherever the text element width occurs? Thank you, Teodor
  8. Hi, The JSS CE 6.20.6 version released recently is shipped with Java 17. Thank you, Teodor
  9. Hi, pom.xml files can have a parent. and our has one. I hope this helps. Teodor
  10. The JRCsvExporter has a setter that accepts SimpleCsvReportConfiguration. And this class has a setExporterFilter(ExporterFilter) method.
  11. Hi, The only solution I see involves post-processing of JasperPrint objects/documents using the JasperReports library API, prior to their final export to PDF or the targeted export format. This means writing custom code. For example, the two subreports could be run normally, one after the other, but once the JasperPrint document obtained, the Java API could be used to reorder the pages inside it and maybe even change the page number in the page footers, if needed. I hope this helps. Teodor
  12. Hi, This is indeed a regression after the modifications we made to improved bulleted/numbered lists support in the HTML markup processor. It should now be fixed by this commit: https://github.com/TIBCOSoftware/jasperreports/commit/b884e0355759d7dd5b4c1315485c81af57170e0b Thank you, Teodor
  13. Hi, This was a regression introduced in 6.19.0 that has been solved since 6.20.1. https://community.jaspersoft.com/jasperreports-library/issues/14466 I hope this helps. Teodor
  14. If you want to use the JasperReports functionality from a non-Java application by making REST calls, I suggest to give a try to the JasperReports IO product: https://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jasperreports-io
  15. Hi, Marcilio I think what you mean is "elements that stretch should not print again when their band overflows". Because, contrary to what you said, elements that stretch, most of the time do overflow. The problem here is that it not necessarily the object that stretches, which is marked as isPrintWhenDetailOverflows=true. In Fabio's example, it is indeed the case, but that's because he prepare for us the most basic of examples, with minim number of elements involved. But I can very well remove the reprinting flag from the list element and put it on some other element that does not itself stretch, the effect being the same. I hope you see that the complexity of the behaviour is hard to predict and validate upfront. Thank you, Teodor
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