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  1. I've just downloaded the project file but the xml files pom.xml look almost empty - if this a mistake or has something changed ?
  2. I have a problem with the eclipse plugin at the moment which might be relevant. When I compile my report from Eclipse using the plugin for JasperStudio I don't get any errors but the .jasper file is not being updated so I don't think the compile works. I have had to use the TIBO Jasper Studio IDE to compile my reports at the moment.
  3. If there is a JDBC driver available for Hbase I would give it a try. I use Eclipse and install the jaspersoft studio from the Marketplace. Open the JasperReports view, right click on the Adapters and select add, select jdbc and use the GUI. Dont forget that you will have to download the Hbase jdbc jar file and tell JasperStudio where it is using the add new adapter dialog box - there are more than one tabs to enter this information. You can also enter username and password and click test to see if it works.
  4. When I include a barcode in my reports I used the Barcode4j library which is an option within Jasper. The barcode appears fine on screen and then from my preview window I select save, choose the PDF type and then enter a filename with pdf extension. The file opens ok with PDF viewer on my mac and prints to a laser just fine. There is a lot of code to look at by my project is at https://www.commander4j.com/ and you can download the source from there if it helps. Are you using a barcode font by any chance ?
  5. Not familiar with jasper server but thinking about what to check I would make sure any paths to the subreport are valid in the server enviroment. Also is it possible that the database is diffent on the server. Is the version of Java used to compile the report on you dev enviroment the same as is used on the server ? Sorry if thats not helpful - all I could think of.
  6. I am using Eclipse Version: 2021-06 (4.20.0) Build id: 20210612-2011 on MacOS 11.4 with Jasper Studio 6.17.0 installed from the Marketplace. If I open one of my reports in the Jasper Designer I can run it, edit it and all works fine. However when I try and compile my report it does not seem to update the .jasper compile file. If I then copy the source file of my report to another workspace and compile it with the TIBCO JasperSoft Studio 6.19.0 IDE I can compile it and the jasper file is updated. I never see any error messages. My default java JDK/JRE for the OS is 11 and my project settings are also for Java 11. As I don't get any error messages its hard to diagnose the problem. The only other plugin which I have installed in an otherwise clean install is WindowBuilderPro. Ideas welcome Dave
  7. Same here - if I compile with Java 8 its ok, Java 11 and I get this warning. I suppose we need someone which a support contract to report it so it gets addressed
  8. I have the same problem - I just JFreeChart 1.5 for an on-screen graph but after spending a long time creating a jasper report with a pie chart I find I can only run it within Eclipse and not within my application as I'm using 1.5 and not 1.019
  9. What I'm trying to do is pass a resultset to my main report (top level) and each time the main report changes to a new record pass a field from the recordset to a subreport as a parameter. I have been able to pass a fixed parameter value to the top level report and see that in the subreport - but I want to link the subreport to the current record of the master report - i.e. make it change with each row. I'm using JasperReports in Eclipse - latest version. If someone could point me at some documentation or example code on how to do this it would great. Thanks Dave
  10. Have a look at my website and download the source code which can be found in a file called b4.zip from http://www.commander4j.com - follow downloads page. It's all open source.
  11. I don't think I could describe what I've done in a single reply here - but your more than welcome to look at my code which can be found at http://www.commander4j.com
  12. When I download the project source and build with Maven I get a different set of jar files in the cache directory than when I do the same with ANT. I am trying to determine which are the correct "full" set to use in my standalone swing project. mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies package The wiki page seems to be out of date as well.
  13. ANT Ivy v Maven Produced: 25/05/2019 21:29:09 Mode: Differences Left base folder: /Users/dave/Downloads/jars Right base folder: /Users/dave/Downloads/jasperreports-6.8.1 mvn/target/dependency Name Name --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ant-1.7.1.jar << ant-1.7.1.jar << ant-launcher-1.7.1.jar ant.txt >> antlr-2.7.5.jar << antlr-2.7.5.jar << avalon-framework-impl-4.2.0.jar barbecue-1.5-beta1.jar << barbecue-1.5-beta1.jar barcode4j-2.1.jar << barcode4j-2.1.jar batik-anim-1.11.jar << batik-anim-1.11.jar batik-awt-util-1.11.jar << batik-awt-util-1.11.jar batik-bridge-1.11.jar << batik-bridge-1.11.jar batik-constants-1.11.jar << batik-constants-1.11.jar batik-css-1.11.jar << batik-css-1.11.jar batik-dom-1.11.jar << batik-dom-1.11.jar << batik-ext-1.11.jar batik-gvt-1.11.jar << batik-gvt-1.11.jar batik-i18n-1.11.jar << batik-i18n-1.11.jar << batik-parser-1.11.jar << batik-script-1.11.jar batik-svg-dom-1.11.jar << batik-svg-dom-1.11.jar batik-svggen-1.11.jar << batik-svggen-1.11.jar batik-util-1.11.jar << batik-util-1.11.jar << batik-xml-1.11.jar << bcprov-jdk15on-1.52.jar castor-core-1.4.1.jar << castor-core-1.4.1.jar castor-xml-1.4.1.jar << castor-xml-1.4.1.jar commons-beanutils-1.9.3.jar << commons-beanutils-1.9.3.jar << commons-cli-1.0.jar commons-codec-1.5.jar << commons-codec-1.5.jar commons-collections-3.2.2.jar << commons-collections-3.2.2.jar commons-collections4-4.2.jar << commons-collections4-4.2.jar << commons-compress-1.18.jar << commons-dbcp-1.2.jar commons-digester-2.1.jar << commons-digester-2.1.jar << commons-discovery-0.2.jar << commons-io-1.3.1.jar << commons-lang-2.4.jar commons-lang-2.6.jar >> << commons-lang3-3.4.jar commons-lang3-3.8.1.jar >> commons-logging-1.1.1.jar << commons-logging-1.1.1.jar << commons-math-1.0.jar << commons-math3-3.6.1.jar << commons-pool-1.3.jar commons-pool2-2.4.2.jar << commons-pool2-2.4.2.jar << commons-vfs-1.0.jar core-3.2.1.jar << core-3.2.1.jar << curvesapi-1.05.jar << dom4j-1.6.1.jar ecj-4.4.2.jar << ecj-4.4.2.jar << eigenbase-properties- << eigenbase-resgen- << eigenbase-xom- groovy-all-2.4.16.jar << groovy-all-2.4.16.jar << hamcrest-core-1.1.jar hibernate-core-3.3.2.GA.jar << hibernate-core-3.3.2.GA.jar httpclient-4.3.6.jar << httpclient-4.3.6.jar httpcore-4.3.3.jar << httpcore-4.3.3.jar icu4j-57.1.jar << icu4j-57.1.jar itext-2.1.7.js6.jar << itext-2.1.7.js6.jar jackson-annotations-2.9.8.jar << jackson-annotations-2.9.8.jar jackson-core-2.9.8.jar << jackson-core-2.9.8.jar jackson-databind-2.9.8.jar << jackson-databind-2.9.8.jar jasperreports-annotation-processors-6.7.0.jar >> << jasperreports-fonts-6.8.1.jar jasperreports-metadata-6.6.0.jar >> << jasperreports-metadata-6.8.1.jar << javacup-0.10k.jar << javax.inject-1.jar javax.xml.soap-api-1.4.0.jar << javax.xml.soap-api-1.4.0.jar jaxen-1.1.6.jar << jaxen-1.1.6.jar jcommander-1.27.jar << jcommander-1.27.jar jcommon-1.0.23.jar << jcommon-1.0.23.jar jfreechart-1.0.19.jar << jfreechart-1.0.19.jar << junit-4.10.jar log4j-api-2.8.2.jar << log4j-api-2.8.2.jar log4j-core-2.8.2.jar << log4j-core-2.8.2.jar log4j-jcl-2.8.2.jar << log4j-jcl-2.8.2.jar lucene-analyzers-common-7.3.0.jar << lucene-analyzers-common-7.3.0.jar lucene-core-7.3.0.jar << lucene-core-7.3.0.jar << lucene-queries-7.3.0.jar lucene-queryparser-7.3.0.jar << lucene-queryparser-7.3.0.jar << lucene-sandbox-7.3.0.jar << maven.txt mondrian- << mondrian- net.tascalate.asmx-7.0.1.jar >> net.tascalate.asmx.analysis-7.0.1.jar >> net.tascalate.asmx.tree-7.0.1.jar >> net.tascalate.javaflow.api-2.6.0.jar << net.tascalate.javaflow.api-2.6.0.jar net.tascalate.javaflow.providers.asm5-2.6.0.jar >> net.tascalate.javaflow.providers.asmx-2.6.0.jar >> net.tascalate.javaflow.spi-2.6.0.jar << net.tascalate.javaflow.spi-2.6.0.jar net.tascalate.javaflow.tools.ant-2.6.0.jar << net.tascalate.javaflow.tools.ant-2.6.0.jar net.tascalate.javaflow.tools.jar-2.6.0.jar << net.tascalate.javaflow.tools.jar-2.6.0.jar olap4j- << olap4j- persistence-api-1.0.jar << persistence-api-1.0.jar poi-4.0.1.jar << poi-4.0.1.jar poi-ooxml-4.0.1.jar << poi-ooxml-4.0.1.jar << poi-ooxml-schemas-4.0.1.jar rhino-1.7.6.jar << rhino-1.7.6.jar << saaj-api-1.3.jar << serializer-2.7.2.jar servlet-api-2.4.jar << servlet-api-2.4.jar << slf4j-api-1.5.8.jar slf4j-api-1.6.1.jar >> slf4j-nop-1.7.26.jar >> << snakeyaml-1.6.jar spring-beans-5.1.4.RELEASE.jar << spring-beans-5.1.4.RELEASE.jar spring-core-5.1.4.RELEASE.jar << spring-core-5.1.4.RELEASE.jar << spring-jcl-5.1.4.RELEASE.jar testng-6.8.1.jar << testng-6.8.1.jar velocity-1.7.jar << velocity-1.7.jar xalan-2.7.2.jar << xalan-2.7.2.jar << xml-apis-1.3.04.jar xml-apis-ext-1.3.04.jar << xml-apis-ext-1.3.04.jar << xmlbeans-3.0.2.jar << xmlgraphics-commons-2.3.jar xmpcore-5.1.3.jar << xmpcore-5.1.3.jar ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. If I build using the two methods below I end up with different sets of jars (dependencies). I'm trying to identify the full set so I can include with my swing application. The problem is that I end up with different results. MAVEN mvn clean dependency:copy-dependencies package ANT ant retrievelibs
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