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Help migrating to JasperReports Library 7.0.0

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I have a LARGE Java Swing (Desktop) application which uses JasperReports Library 6.21.3 at the moment. I was aware that version 7.0.0 was likely to be quite different but I was wondering if someone could help me determine all the .jars (both core and dependencies) which are needed in the new version. My application is NOT Maven based. I manually maintain the dependencies for a number of reasons. In the past I have simply examined the pom.xml between versions to determine what is needed and to ensure that JasperReports dependencies can co-exist with my other libraries.

I am finding the new project file so very very different that I'm no longer sure what is and is not needed. I have built both the old and new versions of the project using mvn and the source files. I assume the new version needs Java 11.

What I could really benefit from is a simple set of 2 columns showing old and new jars.

Anyone who can help would be most appreciated.

My project is on GitHub GitHub Project

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To help me to compare the two versions I have created 2 folders, one for all the jars associated with 6.23.1 and one for all the jars associated with 7.0.0

I have flattened the directory structure to make it easier to compare.

I have attached a report created by a utility called Beyond Compare in the attached zip.



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Working through the dependencies which now seem to be "per module" I can see a few discrepancies which I'm not sure are deliberate or mistakes. I have attached a pdf report which shows what might be version problems if you need to include dependencies for multiple modules which have common - but different jar dependencies. Maybe it's not a problem with Java 11 onwards - not sure. 

See attached.


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Updated analysis of jar versions. Now I have to say I have not checked every jar description to see if multiple versions can co-exist without problems but I really do with some guidance on how to assemble a working class path for a Java Swing (not Spring) application which includes all it needs - but no more. By this I mean I don't need to include any non Java Desktop components as I'm not deploying as a web application.

See attached updated document which shows what might be a version issue across some of the modules in version 7.0.0


Report_Jar_Versions.pdf Report_Jar_Versions.xlsx

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I've been working hard documenting the jars which seem to be referenced by version 7.0.0

The build process seems to be very different than 6.x and now you get multiple folders with dependencies in them for each module. 

HOWEVER there seem to be conflicts and version discrepancies.

Maybe someone from JasperSoft could take a look and document which jars are needed as I'm not keen on putting multiple versions of the same 3rd party libraries in the classpath.

My documentation is attached. The Jars in the first column are the ones which have some questions.



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