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  1. Hello Alex, Thanks for sharing the details. First of all, is this a community version or a Commercial version? If you are using the community version, Can you please also do this: Please record a video of the issue using some free tools like Screencast and also attach the sample reports along with sample data so it's easy for us to review it here and then pass it to our engineering team and show them the behavior that you described. If you are using a commercial version of our product: Please open a support ticket and report this issue through a support ticket so that can be tracked and be addressed Thank you
  2. Hello Franky, Can you please elaborate and explain the issue(s) with a bit more context? Looks like you have multiple issues but I cannot seem to decode them in the initial query that you submitted. Please elaborate further with details and we will do our best to address them. Thank you Tiru M
  3. Hello Tim, CYMK colors have been supported since JRL CE 6.20.5/JRS 9.0. You need to create an ICC profile to convert RGB colors to CYMK format. reference: https://jasperreports.sourceforge.net/config.reference.html#net.sf.jasperreports.export.pdf.use.cmyk.colors Hope this helps! Thank you Tiru M
  4. Hello Tim, Did you use the Font extension as described in the below KBA ?: Also, can you share the pictures of the supposed be vs actual (image) of the report export in PDF along with font? Please ensure the Embed this font in the PDF document checkbox is checked. If you are exporting from the server, please make sure that the font exists on the same server as Jasperosft is installed. Hope this will give you some pointers to troubleshoot it further.
  5. Hello There, Can you please elaborate in clear steps of the use case with all the details to see if we can create this issue on our end? Thank you
  6. Hello There, Looks like the session is being timed out. Can you please check this KBA: And updated the session timeout accordingly and redo the same tests?
  7. Hello There, You can uncheck "Print Repeated Values" on the text element properties or you can move all the elements inside a Frame and uncheck "Print Repeated Values" on the whole frame. Let us know if that helps. Thank you
  8. Hello Gregor, It seems like you are using the Jfree chart from the Jaspersoft community version. You can find all the properties of the Jfree library here:https://www.jfree.org/jfreechart/api/javadoc/org/jfree/chart/labels/package-summary.html You can add required property to your chart based on your above business requirements.
  9. Hello Andrew, Please read the response listed here in this KBA: Also, You can add macro properties to the Jaspersoft report just like the following snippet on the text element properties: <textField evaluationTime="Group" evaluationGroup="Group4" pattern="#,##0.00#;(#,##0.00#)" isBlankWhenNull="true"> <reportElement x="330" y="0" width="110" height="15" uuid="4d317c65-485d-49cf-bc80-155ce6703e2b"> <property name="com.jaspersoft.studio.unit.height" value="px"/> <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.formula" value="=SUM(C19:C71)"/> </reportElement> </textField> Hope this helps!
  10. Hello Saurabh, Did you clear the app server temp folder and browser cache?
  11. Hello there, Look like there is a typo in property "<property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.detect.cell.type." value="true"/>" it should be <property name="net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.detect.cell.type" value="true"/> Where exactly are you getting the error during compilation or export, sharing more details will help completely understand your issue and for anyone to provide some things to try out(include some screenshots if possible) also, did you use expressions to convert to the desired Java data type? looking for more information to guide you in the right direction.
  12. Hello Venkatesh, The data is not in the valid xml format for the second data set. It should be a valid XML path for using an Xpath for your xml file( It's in a table format). Anytime check your XML is in the right format or not here: https://www.xmlvalidation.com/index.php?id=1&L=0 Thank you
  13. Hello There, I've read your requirements but am still not clear on what you are trying to accomplish. Do you mind sharing screenshots of your data sets(Main and sub-datasets and mention if they are related or not) and the desired output? Are you trying to pass parameters from the first data set into to filter the second data set? Provide the info so we can better guide you. Thank you
  14. I don't think Jaspersoft works this way. You can build a report template based on the layout of your output and the data set. Hope that answers your question.
  15. I refer to this KBA for troubleshooting performance issues in Jaspersoft: https://community.jaspersoft.com/knowledgebase/tips-n-tricks/jasperreports-server-performance-tips-and-tricks/
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