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  1. Step 1 - Open the report in the Jasper server 8.2.0 Step 2 - When the report is idle for 20 minutes after that Step 3 - We go to the other report, the existing report starts to render Step 4 - When refreshing the report URL it redirects to the login page. Step 5 - When the user tries to log into the Jasper server it redirects to this URL "https://<hostaddress>/rest_v2/reportExecutions/0c4cf626-4301-4f7c-863d-e0d93329beb7." Note - every time the URL's last part (token) is changed -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have checked the log file of the Jasper server, and it shows an error CsrfGuardException("required token is missing from the request")
  2. On the Jasper server, the 8.2.0 report starts rendering when the session is time out, and after clicking the report URL it is redirected to the login page. the When User tries to log into the Jasper server it is redirected to https://<hostaddress>/rest_v2/reportExecutions/0c4cf626-4301-4f7c-863d-e0d93329beb7. Does anyone have an idea how can we resolve this?
  3. @JRS SE I have the main report dataset with Postgres data source and its sub-dataset with Redshift. Now I want to show both dataset outputs in one table. How can I join/merge two different datasets with different data sources to create a table visual in the Jasper report?
  4. I want to create a table there are 5 columns, 3 columns come from the A dataset and 2 come from the B dataset. how I can merge these two different dataset columns into one table
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