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TIBCO JasperSoft server schedule and deliveruy by mail


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In JasperReports Server, you can right-click the report you would like to schedule and select "Schedule...". From this next screen, click the button at the top that says "Create Schedule". Input all your configurations. Then at the "Output Options" tab, there is a check box under "Formats" for HTML. Select that check box.

Then in the "Notifications" tab, make sure you seelect "Include report files as attachments" and this will allow you to check the box "Include HTML Report in email body". Attached is a picture for reference.




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Thanks Paul for your update:-)

I’m using this solution, but we have always a zip of report attached to email.

I need to send only report by mail , but not attach the zip report to email. We send report every hour, every attached (zip) report have about 1 Mo, and we need to keep report in mail. Every day , we add 24 Mo after a few weeks and storage is full, I'm getting yelled at by system administrator :-(




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