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a few questions from a newbie


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Hi all...

I am new to jaspersoft... but i am technically okish ... i think... well i should be..

i am hoping the products here are crystalreports like but without the pricetag because we havent much money just yet... i just downloaded to evaluate studio 8.4.0 professional... not sure if i really needed the community version..


anyway i cannot grasp what i need to do so i will explain what i am trying to do and hopefully someone will be able to help me with some simple config steps...


i have an opencart system setup on my hosting provider... on a linux server using mysql database... i can access and run phpmyadmin on the hosting company servers to view structures run sql etc etc

i am accessing all this from my pcs which are microsoft surface pcs running windows 10

i am hoping the jasper products allow me to access the mysql darabase and design reports and save the reports to be run by my operational staff


can anyone talk me through the product i need and steps to configure and set this up


i would be extremely grateful..


also... what is the pricing once my evaluation has finished






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First of all, professional is the commercial version and you'll need to purchase it if you need to continue using it after 30 days.

Use the community version if you're tight on budget.

Start out using Jaspersoft Studio to develop reports. Go through the tutorial.


To access the report from PHP, google "JasperReports PHP". Go through some wiki page like below:


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Greatly appreciate your comments and feedback....

i have created a datasource and connected ok to it and saved it...


however i have tried to create a domain ... which as far as i can see is definingtables needed and joins... but the save button seems disabled...

what am i missing?


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When you create a domain you specify the domain repository object details first and then click on Edit with Designer hyperlink-like button on the lower part and then go to domain designer. In domain designer select the tables, define joins, derived tables, etc., then go to Display tab and put some objects to be visible.

Once you have a domain designed in the designer and have the save location - your domain will be saveable.

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once again thank you...

i now have a domain...


i tried to create an adhoc view... selected the domain and the table in there... selected just one field and dragged into row... added a title... but the save button is grayed out... why??

one other question please ... i am assuming that once ive got this saved i can create a dashboard and add it to the dashboard for the production team to run...

can i actually just create a user who will have access to this dashboard??






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