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  1. Kate ... thank you VERY much ... my eyesight is not that good ... I managed to see the band grayed ou and added it .... PERFECT ... thank you
  2. thanks for your reply... i hadnt realized that the title band is just printed once ... your solution was perfect... i moved the logo into the column header band ... great suggestion ... thanks
  3. thanks for the reply.... it may seem pretty minor but i always like to finish my report with a text line ************ End of Report ************ but although the summary band should be the vey last band printed it isnt ... its that colun footer... im sure that must be a bug
  4. Hi all I am using Jaspersoft Studio and connecting to a mysql database. I have simple static text on a summary band which always prints before colunn footer band data i have not a clue where to do this but apparently i need to set isSummaryNewPage="true" I clicked on the summary band went to properties and st a miscallaneous property newpropert to isSummaryNewPage="true" when running the report it compiles ok ... but it has no effect..... anyone tell me why not I have also looked to used lastpagefooter band ... but i see no band called that how do i create it? thanks george
  5. Hi all I am having a problem with a logo png image on my report and placing some static text at end of the report so the image is sort of ok BUT it only prints on the first page ... how do i get it to repeat on every page its currently on the band title I want a simple static text ------ end of report ========== at end of the report ... i placed it in the summary band ... BUT it is printed before the column footer band any help would be gratefully receuved thanks george
  6. Hi everyone has anyone ever used Jasperreports to produce a mailshot? I have an opencart mysql database with customer orders and collection dates... I am hoping to be able to run a report pick out each week collection dates and send customers reminders george
  7. thank you ... eventually figured it out... however i now have a problem trying to publish the reports to the jr server... i cannot seem to add or find the dataset in the publish files offered... can you shed any light on this??? thanks george
  8. ive successfully created a dataset and used it on a report i created in studio... i have installed jr server and setup studio to connect to it ... i can publish my report but.... when i try to publish with a dataset i just cannot find it in the server resources or local list... how do i get the dataset included please?
  9. i have asked this question in a rephrased manner before and I am staggered to NOBODY has bothered answering... this is such a simple fundamental basic question and nobody cares enough to give me even a small pointer.... so much for community.... very disappointed...
  10. hi all Can anyone tell me - when you create a new data adapter and save it where exactly is that file stored? and is it called with an extent of jdbc?? I need to locate some i made a while ago thanks
  11. Hi all I spent a long time developing 12 reports a year ago for a client.. I've forgotten how I did all this.. But I need to maintain them and maybe add more.. My pc is poorly so I need to transfer all to a new pc.. I setup a new dev environment and took a copy of one of the jrxml files but it's missing the data adapters I have on the poorly pc can anyone tell me what files I need from the poorly system and their location assuming I used default.. Thanks if you can.. George
  12. hii all apologies if it seems dumb... i wrote a set of reports for a client a year ago using studio and published on jt server and this year updated their system keeping the schema the same kist usng a new mysql database i have all the xjrml files ... what is the easiest way to point to a different database and create updated reports to publish please thanks
  13. reportdev it simply says the report is empty... running it in studio produces output
  14. hi all Can anyone recommend any developers with Jaspersoft Studio and Server experience I can hire to resolve my current problem. I am running out of time and my system i need to report on has just gone live. So i need to hire someone to investigate and advise on why a report which works on Jaspersoft Studio does not work on Jaspersoft Server when published. george
  15. thanks both for your thoughts andsuggestions... i guess i am overreacting... my concernshave always been if i get run over by a bus and their reporting system corrupts how do i document a reasonable recovery process but thinking about that ... its fairly straightforward... dear future developer download and install comunity jasperreports server refer to my release docs for deployed reports access those on the security usb stick and for each goto manage serve settings> import report job done thanks again guys george
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