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Reports not refreshing on JasperServer 6.3 (community version)


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I am running reports with Oracle database, however the data changes frequently. 

When I run a report the first time it takes the data from the database, however if I run it a second time, it produces the previous report rather than re-read data from the database.  How can I make Jasper Server read from the database every time and generate the report.

I read some posts talking about adhoc parameters in Server Settings, but its not show for me, i believe its because de community version.

Is there an way to solve my ploblem?

Thanks in advance.


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AdHoc reports are only available on Enterprise edition so the information on it doesn't relate to the community edition users.

It seems like your jdbc result is being cached or your page is being cached somewhere. I don't think it's JasperReports Server but more likely the application server you're using or a proxy server. Also check your jdbc string to check if there is any caching argument. Unfortunately, jdbc properties differ depending on the jdbc driver and database you're using so can only give general advice.

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JasperServer: 6.2.0. RedHatx64

Only add last Oracle JDBC lib jar file to JasperServer's Apache Tomcat and configure Data Adapter:

JDBC Driver: oracle.jdbc.driver.OracleDriver

JDBC Url: jdbc:oracle:thin:@//servername:port_number/service_name

Username and password.



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