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iReport Plugin for JasperIntelligence-bug?

Grazy Mos

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I really got some serious doubt about the safety of jasperintelligence, for the sake of testing i installed a clean version of jasperintelligence, ireport with the plugin.



When I created a reportunit in jasperintelligence I could see it and run it in ireport. But when i was trying to delete the unit or any other random folder it did it without a warning/error. I also was able to add new reportunit.



If i was logged as a administrator it would be fine but i was logged in at ireports as a USER! As far as i am aware users couldnt do this in jasperintelligence. So is this a bug? or am i missing something?


Thanks in advance,



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After reinstalling iReports and jasperintelligence it several times it, the ireportplugin still has more rights then i should have.



I also tested the ireport plugin on a "clean" pc, same problem. I supspect that my jasperIntelligence doesnt handle the roles correctly. Or that some kind of admin cookie is stored within jasperIntelligence



I would really want to know if the same problems happen on other jasperIntelligence machines, If someone could test it out and give me the results,






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Thank you, please note thats the bug is probably not only on the plugin side, but more likely in the security settings of jasperintelligence.


Even if the plugin request a create/edit/delete action to jasperintelligence he should refuse it, when logged in as a user.

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Hi Grazy


I'm writing some Unit tests to check all the permission checks in the webservices. I think the problem is related to a missing check of the permission level in the Webservice code. In other words if you can access a resource, the ws let you do what you want. Anyway, I'm not yet sure about that. I'll let you know soon.



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