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Showing percentage in pie chart

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By: mks - mksusa

Showing percentage in pie chart

2005-06-25 16:13

Is there a way to show % values inside each pie of a pie chart ?


Lets say I have 3 slices in a pie whose values are 10 , 20 and 30. I need to show 10,20 and 30 as tool tips of the slices and want to show 20%,30%,50% inside the pie slices.


Help in this is greately appreciated.

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If you are using iReport 3.5.0 there is a lableFormat and legendLabelFormat properties in the pie plot set of properties (in the property sheet).

Set the format to:

{0} {2}

This is a special syntax for labels where the {n} placeholders have that meaning:

{0} is the key (usually used as lable)
{1} is the value
{2} is the percentage


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