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  1. Hi , Is it possible to use Jasper for Report generatin in AFP format? If Yes, Is trial version availabl for POC. Regards, Raman Deep Singh
  2. Hi, Can you please provide me with the link for download of BI Enterprise Edition-5.1.0, The one present below is for - BI Enterprise Edition-6.1.0 www.jaspersoft.com/download-jaspersoft-bi-software Kindly Help. Regards, Raman
  3. Hi, I am bit novice in Java, though have worked extensively in BI, Reporting,Datawarehousing and ETL. I would need bit of help in embedding of Jasper Reports/Charts/Dashboard in my Already running application.We are using WASCE(Websphere) Server. Can you please guide how can we call Jasper Reports to our server and how can we pass parameters adn all to it . Thanks and Regards, Raman
  4. Hi Everyone,I am trying to remove column from excel after hiding it with printwhenexpression.With print when expression column is not showing up but is hidding in report.Please suggest me how to remove it.Please view attached image to understand my problem in better way.Regards,Raman
  5. Hi , I would need help in deciding which jasper product should i use. I am already using Jasper iReport for a while for reports in my applications.Now moving forward i am trying to create a reporting system where user can themselves drag and drop columns and create their own report. Can you pleae guide me in this. Regards, Raman Deep Singh
  6. Done that too Thomas. That was a wrioting error. Still I am not able to read XML elements though XML attributes can be read easily. Can anyone reply to this. Regards, Raman
  7. Hi Everyone, I am able to read XML attributes from XML file but not able to read XML elements. In below example,I am able to read comment , entered,center etc by giving xPath till Event tag and giving description of fields as @comment, @entered and @center etc but not able to read aReason by giving xPath till Reasons tag and using @aReason as a field decription, the reason i understand is that comment, entered etc are atrribute of XML where as aReason are XML elements. <Event comment="Coll" entered="Se" Center="ET" appro="1" age="3" <Reasons> <aReason>Missing</aReason> <aReason>Missing1</aReason> <aReason>Missing2/aReason> </Reasons> </Event> Can you please tell me wat xPath and wat field description i need to use to read aReason , XML elements. Regards, Raman
  8. Hi, I am having some major trouble in changing Date format in ireport. I am geting data from XML datasource as- 2013-02-13T22:07:37.589-05:00 and I want to change it to this 30-Feb-13 10:07 PM EST. But some how jasper is not able to understand the incoming format from XML. Regards, Raman Deep Singh
  9. Just thought to bring it up .As this is very important and urgent for me Regards, Raman
  10. It is possible in Pie Chart. What you will need would be 2 pie charts one for Paul and another Peter
  11. Hi, I need an urgent help regarding Configuration Referenes. I need to control page header of a subreport depending upon the ouput is XL or PDF. Though these setting works perfectly fine when i do setting in Report , as follows:- net.sf.jasperreports.export.csv.exclude.origin.band.1 pageHeader net.sf.jasperreports.export.xls.exclude.origin.band.1 pageHeader BUT does not work appropiately when i use them in subreport.When im putting them in subreport and call it in Main Report , the pageheader loose the control and start repeatig in Excel. Kindly help. Regards, Raman Deep Singh Post Edited by ramandeep1980 at 10/20/2010 20:07
  12. Hi Lucian, Thank you for replying. I added it to the Report properties in report's JRXML. and it worked fine Regards, Raman Deep Singh
  13. Hi Lucian, Thank you for replying. I was able to solve it.Solution was not very appealing. I just deleted the header field containing the parameter and re created it and my problem got solved. But it is weired that everything works fine till there is no field in the Header containing parameter And when u add parameter to the header Just delete and recreate it. Regards, Raman
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