Updating XML/A Connection Definitions

Sample XML/A connections are included with the JasperReports Server sample data. If you plan to use XML/A Web Services in your environment, you may want to update the hard coded values in the sample connections.

If you have Jaspersoft OLAP enabled (via your license), JasperReports Server can make XML/A connections over the Web Services interface. These connections need a user account for authentication. You may have different usernames and passwords than the defaults in the sample data. Additionally, your application server hostnames and port may be different than the default values. In such cases, the connections and resources that rely on them will fail.

The sample connections are:

Foodmart Sample XML/A connection
SugarCRM Sample XML/A connection

To validate and update these resources:

1. Log into JasperReports Server as an administrator (like jasperadmin).
2. Navigate to the Repository Management page (View> Repository).
3. Click to expand the Analysis Components folder, then the Analysis Connections folder. Click to highlight Foodmart XML/A Connection, then click Edit.
4. Edit the following fields:
     URI (hostname and port)
     Login Username
     Login Password
5. Click Next, then Save.
6. Make the same updates for SugarCRM XML/A Connection.