Installation Requirements

Before installing the product on your system, ensure that you can log in to the system with appropriate permissions, and that your system meets the hardware and software requirements needed to install JasperReports Server. See the JasperReports Server Supported Platform Datasheet for more information.

Pre-installation Tasks

Pre-installation tasks include the tasks that you must complete before you start the installer, such as ensuring your system meets the installation requirements. If you want to use existing versions of any component software, you must also prepare them, as described in later sections.

Download JasperReports Server Software

Download the JasperReports Server software package for your platform from the Download section of the Jaspersoft Community website. Extract the JasperReports Server archive file to a temporary directory on the machine on which you will run the installer.

The installers have the following file names:


Installation Account

The privileges required to install the product differ for Windows and UNIX platforms. Ensure that you have the appropriate privileges to install on the target platform.

Microsoft Windows

You must have administrator privileges for the machine on which you want to install the software. Right-click the binary installer file and select “Run as administrator” from the context menu.

The Windows installer will get an error installing the PostgreSQL database if the Windows user does not have sufficient administrative privileges and if the installer is not started by right-clicking to use “Run as administrator”.


In Linux, the installer is a .run file; you can run it from the command line or from a graphical environment. Any non-root user can perform the installation.


In Mac OSX, the installer file is After download, you should find the installer already unpacked in your <user>/Downloads folder.

When you double-click the intaller application, you will see a security warning such as "<filename> cannot be opened because the developer cannot be verified." The Mac installer app is signed by Tibco, but it has not been notarized because that requires separately signing all dynamic libraries and enabling the hardened runtime option. Click Cancel to exit the warning. There are two possible ways to run the installer:

On older versions of Mac OSX, you can double-click again to get a different security dialog.
On newer versions of Mac OSX, you hold control and click on the app, then select Open from the menu.

When run this way, there is another security warning such as "macOS cannot verify the developer of <filename>. Are you sure you want to open it?" Now there is an option to Open the app, so click that to launch the installer.