Installing the WAR File for Production

For production environments, use the stand-alone WAR file distribution to install the JasperReports Server application. Download the WAR file distribution from the Jaspersoft community site (

The WAR file distribution contains the JasperReports Server web archive file and the scripts to create and load the database.

This chapter describes how to install the WAR file on the Apache Tomcat and JBossEAP/Wildfly application servers. For a list of supported JDK/JVMs, application servers, databases, operating systems, and browsers, refer to the JasperReports Server Supported Platform Datasheet. s

This chapter contains the following sections:

WAR File Distribution
Applications Supported by the WAR File Distribution
Installing the WAR File Using js-install Scripts
Starting the Server
Logging into the Server
Troubleshooting Your Server Configuration
Installing the WAR File Manually