WAR File Distribution

The WAR file distribution comes in a file named TIB_js-jrs-cp_8.0.0_bin.zip in compressed ZIP format.

The WAR file distribution includes js-install shell scripts (for Linux and Windows) that automate much of the installation using a single properties file. These scripts are:


The main contents of the WAR file binary distribution are shown in the following table.

Content Item


JasperReports Server js-install Scripts

Found at <js-install>/buildomatic/js-install-ce.bat and js-install-ce.sh.

JasperReports Server Database Scripts

SQL scripts for each supported database.

JasperReports Server Documentation

Guides for end users and administrators.

JasperReports Server Extra Samples

Web Service example applications, sample reports, custom data source examples, and other sample files.

JasperReports Server Standard Sample Data

Sample data that highlights JasperReports Server features.

JasperReports Server WAR file archive

All of the JasperReports Server class files and dependent jars.

The application server should reside on the local machine, but the target database can be on a remote server. Using a remote PostgreSQL database on some Linux platforms requires a change to its configuration file, as described in Enabling Connections to a Remote Host.

About Bundled Apache Ant

The War File Distribution ZIP includes Apache Ant version 1.9.4. The buildomatic Ant scripts come with Windows and Linux batch scripts pre-configured to use the bundled version of Apache Ant. You call the buildomatic Ant scripts from the command line in the following manner:


js-ant <target-name>

Linux and Mac OSX:

./js-ant <target-name>

If you want to run your own version of Ant, version 1.8.1 or higher is required.

The bundled Apache Ant has an additional jar (ant-contrib.jar) that enables conditional logic in Ant. If you're running your own Ant, copy this jar to your Ant/lib folder.

On Linux and Solaris, the js-ant commands may not be compatible with all shells. If you have errors, use the bash shell explicitly. For more information, see Bash Shell for Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX and FreeBSD.