Bash Shell for Solaris, IBM AIX, HP UX and FreeBSD

The bash shell is required to execute the js-install shell scripts described in Installing the WAR File for Production. The following js-install and js-upgrade scripts are in the buildomatic folder:

The bash shell is not included by default in all Unix platforms. When the bash shell is not available, you'll need to download and install the bash shell specific to your platform.

Alternatively, you can manually run the same “buildomatic” Ant targets that are run by the js-install script. These Ant targets are listed in Troubleshooting Your Server Configuration.

Also, make sure you've updated your local Ant to include ant-contrib.jar, which supports conditional logic in Ant. Copy the ant-contrib.jar to your <ant_home>/lib folder from:


For more information see Forgot to Copy the File ant-contrib.jar.

If you try using the Ant that's included with the JasperReports Server WAR file Distribution ZIP package, you may get the same non-bash syntax error. You may get the error below, for example:

js-ant help-install

ANT_HOME=../apache-ant: is not an identifier

If you have the bash shell installed, you can try executing the js-ant command by calling bash explicitly, for example:

bash js-ant help-install