How to attach resource bundle with report in Jasper Studio


I am trying to attach resource bundle with my jrxml file and I have properties file available in same folder as jrxml


But when I try to lookup using opern resource I cannot see prorpties file, list is empty

Can you help me how to locate and link resource bundle with report?

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4 Answers:

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I have tried this one but it does not seems to be working

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Hello! Please!...Could you tell me how to create a resource and a bundle from the beginning? Thanks

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Hi and sorry for being late to the party,

I've been suffering this since the 1st time I tried Jaspersoft Studio.

Information regarding this is scarce or non existant, as usual.

In my experience, there's a couple of things to take into account:

1) Don't LINK resource boundles. It won't work. Just include the actual files and it will copy them in the project directory. The problem is that if you modify them outside, you have to overwrite them every time.

2) Include your resource bundle files or directory in the build path (right click over directory or file -> "Build Path" -> "Use as Resource Folder"). Otherwise it won't work (or that's what I've experienced).


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