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  1. Hi I am trying to attach resource bundle with my jrxml file and I have properties file available in same folder as jrxml But when I try to lookup using opern resource I cannot see prorpties file, list is empty Can you help me how to locate and link resource bundle with report?
  2. In version 6.1.0 of JRS there is an option available of Using Visualize.js Without Authentication. See documentation link http://community.jaspersoft.com/documentation/tibco-jasperreports-server-visualizejs-guide/v610/api-reference-login-and-logout#Using_Visualize.js_Without_Authentication
  3. I am also looking ana answer for that. Can someone from Jaspersoft support shed some light on it?
  4. I have a question related to pagination in visualize. I have one report which is rendered using iframe and have top toolbar with pagination and export options (see jasper_iframe.png) /sites/default/files/images/jasper_iframe(1).png When I convert this report to visualize,js the top tollbar is gone (see jasper_visualize.png) My question is does Visualize.js has native support of this toolbar or we have to implement it as you describe above? Any explaination would be really appreciated
  5. Can any one help whats the issue with simple report rendering here?
  6. @hozawa I cannot access the url by typing it in the URL. Furthermore I have digged through this error and it seems to be related with Restuful webservice Requesting Report Output. Does at the backend is it using web services?
  7. I am trying to integrate an existing report using visualize.js and its giving me error in chrome console. The report is working fine when invoked externally through jaspersoft. See below the error, I have also attached sceen shot GET…2-d1f544b5e65c/exports/2925c367-b606-44fd-91fb-d87db9c45a94/outputResource 404 (Not Found)[/code]16:17:34.530 [bi/report/Report] [ERROR] - resource.not.found : Resource 2925c367-b606-44fd-91fb-d87db9c45a94 not found.[/code]Report is initialized fine as no error is logged in v.report({ error: function (err) {...} });[/code]Even this method is invoked fine event: {reportCompleted: function (status) {...}}[/code]JS Fiddle snippet, available at http://jsfiddle.net/atifoxon/4wujkm3y/2/ Error I am getting in this method report.run().fail(function (err) {...}}[/code] One more thing I observed: I receive same error while running a sample report instead of one our report? See in
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