Easiest way to maintain Adhoc Views

Any body who've created Adhoc Views and tried to maintain them probably know about this.

If I change something in a domain (e.g. change the language bundle), I have to delete all the adhoc views that uses it and then have to rebuild them over again. This is a total waste of time!

Considering this major limitation, It seems that it is a lot much faster to use Jaspersoft Studio to develiop reports and not even bother to use adhoc views. I was wondering if anybody else found a way to more easily maintain adhoc views because finding all adhoc views that uses a datasource and recreating them all over again is not very efficient.

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1 Answer:

There is an older v4.2 article about domains and the reports that refer to them at Identify-all-adhoc-report-units-related-domain.

This sort of query needs updating for v5.6, but its a start.  Since v5.6.0, when you try and change a domain relation that is in use in a report, the domain designer won't let you save the domain and presents a list of the reports that use it. This is a new feature, and should improve in future releases.

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> the domain designer won't let you save the domain and presents a list of the reports that use it.

This a specification flaw. Users usually want to know which reports are using the domain BEFORE modifying the domain (i.e. before opening up a Domain Designer). It's very frustrating to know AFTER making a modification in a domain to only to find out that I have to cancel and lose all my work.

That said, I've already created domains and adhoc views for my customers to view dependencies. Nevertheless, I still need to be able to update my locale bundles without having to delete and recreate all my adhoc reports.

hozawa - 8 years 10 months ago

I pretty much agree with you. Could you post the repository query you've used to view the dependencies?

djohnson53 - 8 years 10 months ago

Sorry, but I'll need to get permission from the company because it's part of our OEM package.

hozawa - 8 years 10 months ago