Identify All AdHoc Report Units Related to a Domain

The following SQL query will help user to identify all report units related to a domain in JasperReports Server repository profile data source:

SELECT f.uri||'/'|| AS Domain_Path, f2.uri||'/'|| AS DomainAdhocReport FROM jidomaindatasource d
INNER JOIN jiresource r ON =
INNER JOIN jiresourcefolder f ON = r.parent_folder
INNER JOIN jireportunit u ON u.reportdatasource =
INNER JOIN jiresource r2 ON =
INNER JOIN jiresourcefolder f2 ON = r2.parent_folder
ORDER BY Domain_Path, DomainAdhocReport

This query can be used to assist in the effort to fix broken AdHoc Domain reports as the result of Domain changes.

Once all report units for a modified domain are located in the repository, users can export the affected domain AdHoc report units, and manually change domain fields in the following files for the AdHoc view/report units to match the modified domain:

After changes are made, users can run js-import job with update to load modified AdHoc report units back to the repository to make the AdHoc reports work again using modified domain.