Jasper Result Problems

Good afternoon everyone! 
I use ireport 3.7.1, and Oracle Database 11g 
I have the following problem, when I compile and run a query with outer join(oracle) in Ireport, works normally and returns the expected result. But when I run the application in JSF the query with outer join, have problems and the result does not return as expected. 
Apparently the problem is that the ireport is failing to understand the outer join. Was that possible? Does anyone have a solution for this problem?
This is the query: 
SELECT a.nameCompany,        FROM company      a,       products     b WHERE A.cod = b.cod(+) ORDER BY a.nameCOMPANY
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Which version of the JR Library are you running in your JSF application? Also do the JDBC drivers and Java Versions match from iReport 3.7.1 and your JSF app?

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1 Answer:


iReport is just calling jdbc driver to get results.

Also, if iReport is working normally while your jsf program is not, it seems to indicate that your jsf is not working. Apparently, you jsf program is having problems. Fix that. Make sure that it's using the correct jdbc driver. JDBC driver version should match the supported jdk version.


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