Where can I download jasperreports-server-cp-4.7.0-linux-x64-installer.run?

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4 Answers:

It's no longer available. Tibco Jaspersoft delete all the previous versions of JasperReports server both from Community and Commercial sites.

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Yes, you will have to use the jasperserver-cp-4.7.0-bin.zip file and then follow the instructions in the <unpacked>/docs/JasperServer-Install-Guide.pdf to do the installation. (I think I spelled the file names correctly).

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We have posted versions of the releases needed for upgrading to our current releases, JasperReports Server Community Edition (v5.5, v5.6). These can be found either on this website at: http://community.jaspersoft.com/project/jasperreportsr-server/releases or directly on SourceFourge: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperserver/files/JasperServer/ and consist of JasperReports Server Community Edition v5.2, v4.2.1 and JasperServer Community Edition v3.7.0.

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