remote connection to the jaspersoft server from eclipse IDE

Hi, I installed the jasper community version on an online server. Then I installed jaspersoft studio from eclipse. the problem is that i can not connect to jaspersoft server remotely from eclipse. jaspersoft studio's dekstop version connects seamlessly to the remote database and jaspersoft server online. however, the version that is installed on eclipse does not connect to the online jasper server. I have the error HTTP 500 internal server error.
what to do to fix this error and connect to the jaspersoft server

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I am experiencing the same problem too. Can someone help please.
I can access to server from browser and I haven't changed proxy settings too.

When I try with REST I always get the following error. HTTP 500 Internal Server Error

When I try with SOAP
if the credentials are right I get the following
 faultCode: {}HTTP
 faultString: (404)
    {}:return code:  404

If the credentials are wrong, I get the following
 faultCode: {}HTTP
 faultString: (401)
    {}:return code:  401

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2 Answers:

Have you tried opening port 8080 on the server hosting Jasper Server?

Maybe your hosting has that port closed.  Go to, put in the IP of the web server and port 8080 to see if the webserver is available on that port.'s picture
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the port is open since I can connect to the server from jaspersoft studio which is installed hard on the machine. on the other hand, I can not connect from Jasper Studio that I installed from the eclipse IDE.


tiamtienkam - 3 years 5 months ago

Have you overridden the proxy settings within your eclipse IDE (window --> preferences --> general --> network connections) or do they match to the sytstem ones? Otherwise the eclipse logs will perhaps help?!?



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