Create a report that can auto refresh?



I believe our software has been setup with Jaspersoft Pro (not sure how to confirm the server version) running on linux and I am using the latest Jaspersoft Studio.

I was hoping to put a report up on a big screen as a dashboard.

Are there any options for auto-refreshing reports?


I was hoping to use the default web report viewer rather than embedded a report with the API.

Can someone steer me towards some resources?







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So since I don't see the Domain option in the web view, the developers might have setup the community version contrary to what they have said?

If I had pro, I would have access to a Dashboard section which has refresh.

Any advise on the Linux path where the license fill is housed so I can confirm? - 1 year 3 months ago

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JasperReports and Jaspersoft Studio just specifies the report layout. How it is viewed is controlled by the application such as JasperReports Server or other applications using JasperReports to display reports.

Unfortunately, JasperReports Server does not have a feature to auto-refresh reports. However, it is possible to schedule a report so it would generate a report periodically. ("Recurring" in the following page)


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In the pro version there is a option to run refresh in the dashboard section. 
You can see if pro by a couple of ways. The url should have jasperserver-pro defined in the address. 
Having a look at the license on the linux server where jasper is installed, would also indicate such. 
The folder name deployed on your web application server under webapps (if not customized) would be jasperserver-pro. 
In the jasperserver gui you have option to create ad hoc reporting or dashboards and create domains.... then pro
If you design in jasperstudio, and you have jasperserver pro, then use license for jasperstudio to enable html 5 charts. 

Hi, I would just write a small program just to do a REST API call to the jasperserver every given period of time. 
Or do as hozawa recommended, use schedule, deploy in html format to specific location on a periodic interval. 

Hope this helps 

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