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  1. Hi rtumminelli, The given error you share may be anything io related. Harddrives, permissions, file locations, workspace might be missing etc. Best is the check the official log files for more detialed stack traces. 1) When the Execption is raised in the studio and exepction dialog box is displayed, which gives you the last stack trace. When you click on the Details button the whole stack stace is supplied, maybe share the whole stack trace ? 2) The jasperstudio is build on a eclipse IDE and your may scruitinised the IDE log file to obtain possible additional information. Below is an example of where Eclipse log file may be found. I may confirm that option 1 work for me. C:Users<myusername>JaspersoftWorkspace.metadata/.log Eclipse Log File can be read by, Eclipse Log File Location is: <workspace_location>/.metadata/.logIn Eclipse IDE: Window -> Show View -> Other -> General -> Error LogIn Eclipse IDE: Help -> About Eclipse -> Installation Details -> Configuration -> View Error LogHope this assist your troubleshooting ! Best of luck.
  2. Hi im9ajey, Best resource is the offical documentation and then trail and error working through it. Use a rest api tool like postman or resteasy to get quick feedback cycles. So section • 3.1 Overview of REST Authentication • 3.4 The login Service is important there are mutiple ways to login in or maintain web session. Section • 4.3 Accept HTTP Headers • 4.4 Content-Type HTTP Headers is for the headers you need to work with. Section • 12 THE reports SERVICE for generating the report. You will always need to make sure you provide login credentials with each request of maintain cookie session . For report you may do a plain url string request with applicable headers or Hit the url endpoint with a json/xml body with applicable headers. Use this to check that your jasperserver is responding atleast. Note in my examples {{you need to replace these values with your own}} It requires not credenitals so should work if not block by firewall or something simliar. GET {{protocol}}://{{host}}:{{port}}/jasperserver/rest_v2/serverInfo Here is an example of login services request. You postman and resteasy should automatically maintain cookie session for you. So you just need to log in once and then you may make follow up rest request to the server without providing credential each time. The jasperserver session timeout applies in this case or you my make use of the logout service. I used jasperadmin in this case so you would not have any permission issues, but you may use any other user that has permissions. GET {{protocol}}://{{host}}:{{port}}/jasperserver/rest_v2/login?j_username=jasperadmin&j_password=jasperadmin Here is an example of full string url request. GET {{protocol}}://{{host}}:{{port}}/jasperserver/rest_v2/reports/{{folderPathInJasperRepoToReport}}/{{reportUniqueIDName}}.html?relativeStartDate=1999-01-01&Status=OPEN&Type=Invoice" So this examle has 3 input controls, it depends on the reports Input controls required. Here is an example with json payload : POST {{protocol}}://{{host}}:{{port}}/jasperserver/rest_v2/reportExecutions Headers : Content-Type : application/json X-REMOTE-DOMAIN : 1 Accept : application/json Body : {"reportUnitUri":"/{{folderPathInJasperRepoToReport}}/{{reportUniqueIDName}}", "outputFormat": "html", "async": false, "ignorePagination": false, "parameters": {"option": [ {"name":"relativeStartDate","value":["2012-01-01"]}, {"name":"relativeEndDate","value":["2012-12-30"]}, {"name":"Status","value":["OPEN"]}, {"name":"Type","value":["Invoice"]} ]} } Hope this helps. Best of Luck !
  3. Hi vermaravi. Not able to give you solution but a bit of guidance. Main problem is : "NullPointerException" Something is not defined of does not exist. Might have something to do with your datasource. You making use of adhoc report, maybe the domain is not correctly defined. com.jaspersoft.ji.adhoc.strategy.StrategyAwareDomainQueryExecuter.createDatasource Also you might have more stack strace logs in the jasperserver.log file that gives you more pinpointed log issues.
  4. @All of you who responed. I really appraicte the quick responses and postive attitude. Thank you and I will follow your stipulated guidance.
  5. Hi Cup of Java, Maybe have a look at the 'Styles' when designing the report in jasper studio. When create a style, you may then right click on the style and add a conditiuonal Style. With the conditional style you may add logic in tthe conditional expression section. This might be what you are looking for. I hope so. Best of luck
  6. Hi raghu176.dvg So I am not sure of your are able to run the sql create command on the jasperserver side. The jasperserver side runs sql protection , i.e. blocking the use of some sql keywords form being executed as it is a security concern. If you are able to run the create sql by updating the property files which on the jasperserver side handels the sql validation. Then you need to seperate the sql demand. You will need to use one of the components i.e. a list to link a dataset that executes the linked sql query. You will also need to ensure the component that executes the create table is set in a band that only executes once. The other option you have is to create something like a store procedure which you create a temp table in the store procedure logic. Then from the temp table with another component 'subreport', 'table','list','crosstab' etc select from the temp. Possible just requires some correct sequence of execution of components.
  7. Hi Enke, hope you solved your problem by now. If not, in your log file the clear issues is "Cannot load JDBC driver class 'org.postgresql.Driver' java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: org.postgresql.Driver" So classpath problems with your postgressql driver. Either it is not loading or maybe the incorrect version etc. You may assign the correct version to your user envirnoment classpath and start up or in apache-tomcat/lib just drop the approriate driver jar for the given postgress. Should solve our problem. ​​​​​​​
  8. I don't agree with this from a community point of view. Not fair on the open source community. Tibco should atleast have previos minor version of the same major version available for download. Upgrading to newer versions takes time. Security cannot always pratically be address, it takes planning and time based on your current eco system of software. I dont think this was well thought through. Open source community always has to mitigate security concerns as it is not always possible to upgrade to new lib or software at the time. It feels like Tiboc is trying to recoup more sales and now we need to go through to a contact person for getting hold on previous versions ? Why, so you may cross sell. That is not acceptable from an open source point of view. How has it become the concern of Tibco for security if the softare utilized is under open source liscensing ? Tibco may not be held liable, so why? Like all other software providers, just give the users warning about security concerns and then we may make the infromed decision to continue on with mitigation. This is a terrible decision and will only have a negative impact... Why dont Tibco just with each new version release, inform us that Tibco will be removing download support for the oldest version currnetly availaible downloadable software. Thus giving user time to upgrade based on Tibcos new decision. I hope Tiboc changes their mind on this.
  9. Hi eldonlee, When ever you get "please contact site administrator as shown", best is the go to the jasperserver logs and see exactly what is causing the issues. It may be anything, it may be that there is an issues with the datasource connection, or a resource is missing or a jrxml design issues etc. Log file would be found in WEBSERVER_install_directroy/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INFlogsjasperserver.log (This is the application log) If you dont see anything in the jasper logs, best to then refer to the webserver logs. So that would depends on which webserver you are running, but Tomcat is the most used, so WEBSERVER_install_directroy/logs Best to view catalina.2020-**-**.log (* = relevant month and day) or there should be a catalia.out Issues muight be server never started up properly, or not correctly loaded some of the classes, or there was a database connection issue etc. Best of luck. Hope you get it resolved
  10. Hi Michel, Just trying to assist where possible. I noticed the log file is in french and I do not understand french but made use of google translate. You have 2 GRAVE in your log and the first grave states to refer to the container log. As a listner did not want to start. In most cases these are ports already being used also in most cases the first error is the cause of all the trailing errors. So resolve this one first and retry the server. Also you need to look into the container logs, I may only assume your are making us of docker or some other simliar container tech. So you have to look into those log files for more info, not enough info given in this log. Hope this help, it is the most I may give with the information at had.
  11. Hi jphayes, Man you need to give us more info on this one. Best is to check the log files apache_install_directory/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/logs/jasperserver.log. I mean the java class could be missing on server level or it could be a custom class or a java lib being utilised in the given report, so it is on report level. There are mutiple ways to resolve this, but generally when you deploy the report onto jasperserver you need to link the dependencies to the given report based on what it uses. i.e. input controls, subreports, custom java classes. Youy may only make use of the java class if you uploaded onto the jasperserver first. Easy to fix all of this, just need to make sure that is your actual problem. Are you making us of custom input controls ? Are us using the correct java version ? Is the mentioned report designed in jasperstudio and does it work in jasperstudio when you preview ? Hope all of this helps you to get to an answer, if not post the errors in the log and lets see if we may figure this out.
  12. Hi Paulina, you need to elaborate a bit more on this one. In normal cases when making use of a subdataset, you need to link the parameter between you're main report and the subdataset. So ensure the paramter is created in your main report and create another paramter in the subreport. Same datatypes, if not then you need to convert it into the relevant datatype in the expression section when linking the paramterers. The linking process is simliar for table, subreports, crosstabe and datasets, have a look at this one You mentioned from java, so when you say this, are you stating your report will be compiled in java, I will assume this if your are making use an ArrayList. Or Did you create a custom java servlet / class and want to pass parameters to the custom class ? I hope all this helps. If not just write back with some more info and I'll respond soon enough.
  13. Hi rafael. Can you get to tomcat ? example http://yourserveraddress:portno exmaple http:localhost:8080 Best to confirm that is up and running first. Sometime tomcat start up successfully but when jasperserver gives issues. So it helps to pin point the issue. Also did you have a browse in your log files In path: Apache_tomcat_installed_dir/apache-tomcat/logs you may look at the catalina.out so see any errors occuring. 2nd log file is in the Apache_tomcat_installed_dir/apache-tomcat/webapps/jasperserver/WEB-INF/logs/jasperserver.log Your issues may be anything, best to look into the log files first, might be port classes or permissions issues, java version etc.. If you still no able to sort it out, just post the url and the relevant errors, maybe I might be able to assist further. Jusr whitewash sensative info before posting... Hope this helped.
  14. Hi tiamtienkam, So what value is the phantomjs variable assign on run time ? I do not see the path declaration on your properties file example above, only assignment. I mean you're stack strack is says nullpointer so something is missing. This this only happen with reports with images, when you export? You have to start canceling out possbile issues, but confirm that they work. It could be phatom it could be pdf exporter, it could be that an element in the report being exported resolves to null at export time. The exepction could be handled on report execution time but not by the exporter. You will have to start pinpointing by elimenating possbile culprits. Did you get the stack trace from the jasperserver log file? You might get a more detailed stack trace that would be helpfull. Hope this helped a bit.
  15. Hi James, I can only assume you are making use of the proffesional version in this case. Regardless, there could be numerouse ways to solve this, but I do not think any easy one. If you do thave the proffesional one, best to reach out to jasper support. One could do some old reverse engineering and go identify the jsp's involved in created the slideout container/page what ever that is. Some one that has some html experience and back end development figure this out. When you do find the relevant jsp, you could introduce custom code to inject the print icon. Or you could add a print icon in the report and link a href to it, the href would then execute a REST api call or another custom class that would do the required work for you. You would need to familiase yourself with the jasper rest api, which you send a request to the server for a pdf export or other formats and be able to prinit of from there. Hope this helps. Bit hard to give exact answer.
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