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  1. Too risky for an end-user for my MIT project, that has to build a report. That is the BCL license, the same Oracle used back in the day for its Java SE ( Java 8?) I think I will switch to another library, thanks anyway.
  2. Hello @Michelle R I am not a lawyer so I might be wrong, would the AGPL license require the release of only the source code of the previous products? Or since you don't make available the compiled version, you can refuse to release the source code? And for release I mean a public repo on Github. Another thing, I would like to understand why you removed too the repo on Github of the Studio CE. I mean thanks for giving me the source code, but I would like to have the repo so, that other people can have access to the source code and help.
  3. Which is not the source code. The source code they just gave it me via email of the latest version. I mean OK, that's fine... I guess? I will upload it on a GitHub repo, once I understand, why they don't just restore the repo on GitHub. @Michelle R thank you, but we would like to understand why this behavior from the new owners of TIBCO. I mean do you guys want to keep the CE version under an Open Source license, or the next big version will change ( at least for the Studio ) I would like to keep the conversation in public (we can open a new thread) so everyone can understand everything.
  4. Since I posted in the previous days about my doubts and questions and I had no answers from Jasper's team I would like to put my thoughts here and I would like to discuss civilly: Jasper Server CE Jasper Server CE was available in the Affero GPL license. Of course, you can change the license of the new versions but you cannot change the license of the previous version. Proof: https://web.archive.org/web/20220708012930/https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperserver/ So, at least, the version from 2022 is still under AGPL and to comply to AGPL, at least, those versions should be freely available with source code with a giant note JASPER SERVER CE IS NO LONGER BEING DEVELOPED, SO BE AWARE! FEEL FREE TO FORK IT Jasper Studio CE Jasper Studio, even at its latest release, looks like under Eclipse Public License, which is another open-source license, and it requires too, having the source code. Proof: https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperstudio/ and the license you can find in the zip you can download it from Source Forge. So where is the source repo? Did it change the license of the latest release? No problem, we have the right to have the source of the previous versions, otherwise there is a second license violation. Jasper Report Library At least this one is still under LGPL, at least for version 6.xx , we will see with the next version. I would like to have your thoughts about this, even from the Jasper guys, maybe with an official statement. LuciferSam
  5. Try here https://sourceforge.net/p/jasperstudio/activity/?page=0&limit=100#65b291bcfb648f22231a2086
  6. Are you aware Jasper Server CE was under the Affero GPL, and you can't delete everything? https://web.archive.org/web/20220708012930/https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperserver/ You cannot just change the license of the previous versions and call it a day. I mean, we the users, have the right to fork it using the same license or a compatible one.
  7. Yeah, I had the same question . Seems they're systematically ignoring those questions, even if Studio looks like still under EPL license. At least for the CE version. Because I'm making an open-source project that will be using the Jasper library and the users will use Studio CE for making the reports. I might change to BIRT, at least everything is under EPL.
  8. I have doubts Jasper Studio community is Open Source even if the latest release have an EPL license, since I can't find the source repo. Because the first thing I'll do will be the removal of the mandatory login and all the tracking and make a fork under EPL. One of Jasper people wrote me an email, let's see if they give me feedback about this.
  9. Hello there, I've noticed latest Jasper studio comes with this license the Eclipse Public License requires the release of the source code, so where is the source code of the latest Jasper Studio? Is this version a mix of various licenses? Only a part is under EPL? Still where I can find the source code? I would like to have an answer before asking the EFF to check this situation. Thank you
  10. Wasn't the server under the AGPL license? If yes, where is the source code, since the license says to disclose the code. Another thing: here https://sourceforge.net/projects/jasperstudio/ says the license is still EPL, so where is the the repo with source code?
  11. I read this page: https://community.jaspersoft.com/wiki/what-jasperreports-server it was stated for Community edition only 10 reports could be saved in the server, but when I reloaded the page it disappeared the 10 reports limits. I accessed the page from Google: I was looking an old page?
  12. Hello, I cannot understand if those features are available on JasperReports Server Community edition: - REST APIs - The ability to put d3 charts inside the report using html controls There is somewhere the full features list between the Enterprise and Community Edition of the products? Thank you
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