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  1. Just thought I'd keep this post updated with my progress. Commercial edition: I have been contacted by 2 account executives and will follow this up in the next 2 weeks. Alternatives within the Jaspersoft community: Having spent some time this week reading around this area I've realised that the Reports engine is still available as a Java library. We're not a Java house so embedding this into our application will not be trivial - but it's at least a potential solution that we will be investigating. Look at alternative free/open-source solutions: One such solution out there I have discovered is called "ReportServer". This offers the ability to integrate with JasperReports engine. They have a community version along with paid versions that extend the functionality, it seems definitely worth investigating. Look at alternative paid for solutions: Given the amount of time we've put into writing Jasper reports, changing base engines is something I'm trying to avoid - but if we end up having to pay it's something we may consider. Feeling somewhat better today than Tuesday.
  2. I'm looking for the community's general opinion here as to what everyone is doing now? Here, we've been using JasperReports Server Community edition now for a substantial number of years. It's become an integral part of our technology stack and now its officially gone I need to rethink our medium to long term direction. What are the options? As I see it currently... We could switch to the Commercial edition and start paying. We were paying for a Commercial license previously, but the cost was becoming prohibitive and there were zero benefits so switched to Community edition. Look at alternatives within the Jasepersoft community we could switch to - are there any? Look at alternative free/open source solutions that offer similar functionality. What experiences do people have? Look at alternative paid for solutions. What are people using, are there any good cost effective alternatives out there? Just looking to get a feeling as to what direction people are thinking about.
  3. We deploy Jaspersoft Communtiy to our critical production environments. I am looking to purchase some kind of support subscription to give us piece of mind when it comes to mainly critical issues but also possibly development type questions. I was wondering if anyone had successfully negotiated or obtained something similar from TIBCO or perhaps somewhere else? I'm aware I can purchase an enterprise licence for this but we do not need the functionality that comes with the enterprise software and they are asking stupid money for our specific requirements. The support website (https://www.jaspersoft.com/support) seems to suggest there is such and option but when you speak to TIBCO they simply say this is an error. Thanks.
  4. ** UPDATE Decided to stick woth Java 8. Oracle has changed its Java path now anyway, so it's not worth wasting any time on it. Tomcat 9/Java 8/JasperReports 7.1 does work. However, in production I'm sticking with Tomcat 8.5.35 on the latest Java 8.
  5. I never got 6.3 working with 12c.What version are you using? The supported platforms datasheet is not clear (simply says 12c). The notes you are referring to are suggetsing this is installed in the contaner database? Is that what you are trying to do? Try switching to the plugin and using a normal local user to that database. Sorry can;t be of much more help. About to start looking at 7.1 and Oracle, so I'll update if I find anything. As a side issue... We're an Oracle site but I'm thinking about not using Oracle for the repository. Any views? Why have you decided to persist with Oracle as the repository database?
  6. Looking for peoples views here on a PostgreSQL or Oracle database for a large scale production system. We are an Oracle site and all customer data is held within Oracle databases. But, I'm wondering if an Oracle database is overkill for a repository database. I've looked briefly at PostgreSQL and it looks like this can be configured fairly easily in a standby mode so basic failover is covered. If we wanted to roll this out to our on-premises customers then going down the route of PostgreSQL might be cheaper for them. But am I losing performance and scablability by doing this? Just after peoples thoughts/experiences. Thanks.
  7. Hiya all, Anyone had any experience using Tomcat 9 and/or Java 9 with JasperServer 7.1. I am just starting to look at 7.1 and I am aware that the documentation states support for Tomcat 8.5 and Java 8, but juts trying to see what experiences anyone has had. My application production environment is going live with Tomcat 9/Java 9 soon and it feels like Jasper is getting left behind even though its a new version. Thanks!
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