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  1. Try this Create a variable(var1) that count the pages by using Count function over varioable Page_number and use print when expression as $V{var1}>$V{page_number} on column header
  2. Hi, I have created a dashboard consisting multiple dashlets, nnow some of these dashlets have a big name, so User is not able to see the full title. Is there any way to wrap the title or reducing the font size of dashlet title or some hover property to show the full name of dashlet. /Thanks
  3. I am not sure....but try to install multiple jasperserver on same tomcat with different webapp name
  4. if you have open the report using the Repository Explorer of jasperstudio, then you have a button for publishing the report on the top right corner of your report window in jasperstudio. then select the report with which you want to replcae the new report.
  5. I checked the error. There is option of encrypting of password onm jasperserver
  6. Not Directly, but you can Drag the report or adhoc view in dashboard Drag the parameters. Right click on parametres choose properties and Uncheck "Show Apply button".
  7. You can create two input controls but they should be in different location.......... in different folders or different report folder But you can use only one in one report. if you want to use both then change one of the ids
  8. or you can set the java path in iReport itself by: Edit the file <ireport install dir>/etc/ireport.conf there is a line to set a specific jre to use (jdkhome="/path/to/jdk") Uncomment it (removing the #) and set your favorite jdk. I assume you can use a jre too instead of a jdk if it is a new system please check if you have installed java or not
  9. Please set java path in the path variable in environment variables
  10. Hi, change the field pattern to percentage nad then use that field in charts or tables.
  11. Hi, You need to create 2 parameters....one for start date and other for End Date.Your query will be like 'where date_column between $P{Start Date} and $P{End Date} Hope this will solve your problem statement
  12. Hi, Detail band will be shown for every row of your resultset of your query. If 5 out of 10 rows have Code='COD' then then it will be only shown for those 5 rows Can you please share sample resultset and jrxml. Thanks
  13. Hi george, Please create the datasource and Input controls before you add the report and when you add the report browse the path for Input controls and datasource in respective tabs.
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