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  1. I have an EXCEL data source containig 3 fields (DONORNUMBER, LASTNAME, DOB). I have created a Jasper report that reads the EXCEL data . In this report i created a subreport with a different data source that reads from an SQL query. What i want to do is to use the DONORNUMBER from the EXCEL and pass it to the SQL query in the subreport. SELECT GENDER from DONOR_TABLE where DONOR_TABLE.DONORNUMBER = donor number value passed from the EXCEL How do I pass the DONORNUMBER from the EXCEL into my subreport?
  2. I was going through google searches and i did find that a lot of whats out there is confusing because many people posted notes that implied that a datasource was same as a data adapter. That is what was throwing me off. But your response was helpful and it confirmed what i was thinking. Thank you for your time.
  3. Thank you everyone for your help. The response from A. KUZNT was colser to what I was looking for.
  4. I have an EXCEL sheet (BUDGET.XLS) and have created a DATA ADAPTER for it that is working. I am able to read the Excel sheet and create a jasper report (BUDGET.jrxml)from it. The EXCEL source file(BUDGET.XLS) in on a local drive H:/BUDGET My problem is : I want to publish the report but, I do not know how to create a DATA SOURCE for it. What ‘Datasource’ to select from the list of data sources
  5. IN my query I have a date field $F{DATE1} as class java.util.Date What I want to do is to print and concatenate $F{DATE1} and $F{DATE1} + 6 days I want my result like this: 01/01/2019 | 01/07/2019 My expression is: new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy").format($F{DATE1})+"|"+new SimpleDateFormat("MM/dd/yyyy").format($F{DATE1} +6) What is the correct exression to accomplish this? Thank you in advance.
  6. I my SQL query I have two numeric fields $F{F1} and $F{F2} . Each is defined as java.math.BigDecimal F1 value is 120.3415699 F2 value is 178.00987 What i what to do is to print the two fields concatenated together and | seperated with 3 decimal positions each. This is what I want to be printed: 120.341|178.009 What is the coding for the EXPRESSION to achieve this?
  7. I have a report that has two date paramaters $P{DATEFROM} and $P{DATETO}. Both paramaters also exist in the TABLE report with the same name. The user is prompted for these dates. The date values have to be passed to the TABLE in my summary band. The Table has its own dataset. QUESTION: How do I pass the parameter from the MAIN REPORT to my TABLE report?
  8. I am using Jasper Reports studio 6.7. I created a very simple report that needs to be exproted to a TXT file. When i select 'EXPORT AS TEXT', an error message appears: Error exporting print... Character width in pixels or page width in characters must be specified and must be greater than zero. Where do I find these settings for character width?
  9. Problem solved. Cause: Incorrect drill down report name was specified for '-report'. Main report drills down sucessfully now.
  10. I have a report (MAIN) that drills down to another report (DRILLTO). I have created the hyperlink in MAIN . As a result, the DRILLTO report is launching as expected but non of my paramaters from MAIN are passed to DRILLTO report. I have defined all the paramaters in MAIN in the 'HYPERLNK' tab including the "_report" that i want to pass to DRILLTO. The same parameters appear in DRILLTO report except the "_report" parameter. NAME EXPRESSION _report "/reports/DRILLTO" DRILLMONTH $F{COLLECT_DATE} REGIONID $P{REGIONID} DRILLTO contains DRILLMONTH amd REGIONID defined as paramaters. MY PROBLEM: DRILLTO report opens as expected, but they are not being pulled into the DRILLTO report for some reason. I checked my URL for the DRILLTO and i do see all my parameter values in there..
  11. I need to create a java expression as follows. all my $V variables are java.math.BigDecimal: BASE, AVG, VAR If BASE / 0 gives a DIVIDE BY ZERO or NAN error then RESULT = 0 ELSE RESULT = (AVG - VAR)/VAR
  12. My date table is like this: RecordType Tons 01 15 01 20 02 25 03 30 03 40 04 50 there are multiple record types 01 and 03. Record types 02 and 04 only have one data record each. What I want to do is to store the TONS value of each record type 02 and 04 into 2 seperate variables. Each RECORD TYPE is printed in its own DETAIL BAND. There is always the same number of records retrieved from the database. RECORD TYPE 02 stores into V1 and RECORD TYPE 04 V2. therefore V1 = 25 and V2 = 50 At the end of my report, in the SUMMARY band I want to do a calculation (V1 + V2). (25 + 50) What is happening is that in the SUMMARY band V1 contains the same value as V2 for some reason. (50 + 50). Any ideas?
  13. My report has two parameters, $P{STARTDATE} and $P{ENDDATE}. I need the dates to default to 01/01 of current year for $P{STARTDATE} and 12/31 of current year for $P{ENDDATE} Both are java.sql.Date class. What is the coding fof the DEFAULT VALUE EXPRESSION?
  14. In my main report I print 5 lines in the detail band. Then my subreport executes and that generates more lines than is remaining on my main report. What is happenning is that the subreport instead of printing at line 6, it starts on a totally new page. How can i get my sub report to start printing after the last line of the main report? Jasper Studio v6.5
  15. I created DATEFROM paramter and I want to add a DEFAULT VALUE EXPRESSION that is 30 day prior to today. I am using TODAY () to get the current date but I also need 30 days prior date. What is the DEFAULT VALUE EXPRESSION?
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