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  1. Hi TV, I suppose it's not a common name.But I hope it's special in the good and not the sad way :') The thing is, when you drag a field into the report and select something from the popup options, actually it's: creating a textField, a variable with the "Calculation" property set as the one you choose, and then inserting the variable into the textfield, automatiaclly. I don't mind getting stuck on something for too long, as long as I'm really working/learning and going forward. Now I was stuck and we just jump to other tasks. Anyway I try to continually read this forum even if I'm not with a jasper/report tasks Thank you for answering and trying to look for the answer with me, How is it working and why it's not working for me is a mistery (that newbies like me cannot cmoprehend, yet) Gaby :)
  2. Hi TV Thanks for answering, and yep, my name is gabriel, why is it weird? So, that's what I have at the moment, and that's the way it's supposed to be done (I thought). The red rows (is one row in jasper) is a variable on a textfield that calculates some values, it works properly. The blue row has the final variables, and they have the configuration you've said. It's a variable inside a textfield on the page footer, the "Calculation" property is set as summary, and the "Expression" has the name of the variable they are suppposed to sum. (The one colored in blue has in the expression the variable used in the red row). It works properly for some columns, as you can check by summing it (for example "Descuento Labor"), but it doesn't for the ones circled in blue. I've already tried changing the "Reset type" to Report, Page, or Group, but none of those work. I've also tried summing values from my database coz I cannot understand where the "114,16€" comes from, it doesn't make any sense to me. Thank you for your answer TV :). I'll try for a little while, if I find the answer I'll put in on here. Gaby :)
  3. Hi rams The way you sum it also depends on the way you're filling it. If it's the same field (from 2001 to 2006) you can make a variable $V{Total} with: Expression: $F{Number} Calculation: sum Reset type: the *GroupName* where you're putting every row. I'm also kinda new in jasperStudio, can you give more info about how are you working with the values?
  4. Hi, I'm working with java 8 and jasper studio 6.3.1. I have 2 types of rows of textfields on different colums like Total Price, Price w/o Taxes, Discounts%, etc. The first type of row has different amount of rows, for each report, and the variables with the price of a product, taking it from the database. And the 2d type of row is just one row with the sum of all the rows of the first type. For example: Total Price - Price w/o Taxes - Discounts% XArticle: 5€ - 4€ - 20% YArticle: 7€ - 6€ - 15% Totals: 12€ - 10€ Now, the 2 variables (one for the lines and other for the final total). i.e: $V{total_sum_taxes_line}, where the variable values are: Value Class Name: java.lang.Double Calculation: No calculation Expression: $F{Containers}*$F{ContainerPrice}*$F{TAX} Initial Value Expresion: new Double(0) Increment type: None Reset type: Group1 (The group where the field is) It multiplies the amount of containers for its price and the taxes, giving you 5 (for example). Now I have other variables for the 2nd type of row, that sums the total prices and gives you 12€. Theorically, it should be super easy, and this variable is: $V{Total_Final_Sum}: Value Class Name: java.lang.Double Calculation: SUM Expression: $V{total_sum_taxes_line} (The variable for each line) Initial Value Expresion: new Double(0) Increment type: None Reset type: Report (Coz I only want it once, at the end) Now, I have it exactly like this for different columns, one has the value of each line and the other has the final sum of all the lines, but it works only for some of the columns. In other colums, it shows random values that are clearly not correct. I've tried changing the calculation, the initial value, and the reset type, any of those worked. I also tried changing the expression of the final sum, and instead of putting the lines variable, I tried putting the calculation with the field from the database: $F{Containers}*$F{ContainerPrice}*$F{TAX} But it still doesnt work, and I don't know why.
  5. Thank you for answering. With crashing I literaly mean the program crashes, and I've read that it's a common error in 6.3.1 version. (On the pic) My idea is to put only the bottom border on some situations, but since it crashes, and the whole company works with this version, I may do it with params linked to the printWhenExpression, until I check if we can update JasperSoft. Thanks again <3
  6. Hi, I'm working with jasperStudio 6.3.1 and java. I have a subreport with a textfield with a full square border but I want just a line, depending on the java code. I was wondering if there's any way to do it, using styles or something, but that depends on a variable in java. That's why I expected it to do it with parameters. Thank you beforehand. (edit: jaspersoft crashes everytime I create a new style, so creating a new style in not an option)
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