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  1. Hi, As per the reqiurement there is a date column in our ADHOC View and we want to fetch the records which has null in that column. Currnelty whatever operators are there are taking any date parameter as an optio. Can we modify to include null values in it for the date parameter ? PLease let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hi, We are using jasper5.2 and if user logins directly to the application with their default credentials they are not able to see the logout and search box option against their profile.Only their user name is visible at the right top corner. It is only available for the admin and superuser part. Is there any way we can make this options available to all user as well? No ROLE_ANNONYMOUS assigned to them. Please help with this. Thanks in Advance.
  3. @Hozawa, Is it needed? as I can see the query for other reports. If yes then let me know how to do it?
  4. Hey Tiru, Thanks but same result. .jrxml is also not shwoing query. I can see al the fields out there but not the query.
  5. Hi, I have imported a .jrxml file in iReport 5.2. I can see the complete layout of that report with all related parameters but can't see the query behind that report. That jrxml was created on older version, let me know if this is the reason or if we have any solution for this issue ? Thanks Himanshu.
  6. Hi All, I have replaced a file by mistake in iReport and didn't take the backup of that report. Is there any way so that I can get my older .jrxml file back ??? iReport version 5.2 PLease reply asap. Thanks
  7. Hi Joe, Class is java.util.Collection in query i am handling like below: ($P{Para_Family} IS NOT NULL AND $X{IN, 'All', family_LOV} AND upper(item.item_family) LIKE upper($P{Para_Family}))
  8. I have created a multiselect parameter in the iReport tool with an Prompt option checked, when i run through front end (jasper server) is not showing any prompt (blank page). If i remove the multiselect parameter and add a normal data parameter single select then its working fine. can anybody tell me Whats the mistake in that?
  9. Hi Kriplani I don't see this option (notification tab) in JS 5.2 version. there is only one checkbox saying skip empty report, i have already checked that one but it is also not working. I am still getting blank reports. Is it possible to do something after the email has been sent…like flag the email red if there’s data in the attached report?? Is there anything that can be done to give us notice that there is data on the report that is sent?
  10. Hello, Currenlty I am using Jasper 5.2 version. We have almost 30-40 reports which are scheduled and i got all of them as per scheduled time. Sometimes I got blank report as well because it returns no data. Now i want to skip those reports to be email which are blank. I have checked WhenNoData > No Pages in iReport but it didn't work. Any suggestion plz ??
  11. Thanks elizam !!! So what kind/level of commercial license we need to purchase...any specific term for that ?
  12. HI All I am using JasperServer Proffesional edition 5.2 version. I can see some OLAP views are there but I am not able to run them (don't see run option after right click). When I logged in as superuser and go to server settings > OLAP Settings, I got 'Your License doesn't allow this feature'. We have commercial license. Can anybody tell me how can I use this feature ?
  13. ..one last question right now we are using iReport 5.2 for report creation so is this necessary to update it also i? If yes then what are the things we need to take care of to avoid any report loss ?
  14. Hi Everyone, we are planning to update our current jasper version 5.2.0 to 6.2.1 or above. I have few questions in mind: - what are the specification required to upgrade the current version to 6.2.1 ? - this is the production server for commercial use so what are the risks & any other things to be prepare for this update ? - anything else we need to aware of this change ? thanks in advance
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