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  1. Hi Kris, Unfortunately, this is a known bugs in Jasperserver 5.2 which exist even in the commercial edition. We have similar situation here and I'm lookin at the workaround at the moment. Will keep you posted. Cheers, DJ
  2. Hi Madan, I'm affraid you can't do that by utilizing basic functionality of jaspersoft dashboard. You have to do it with custom jsp that call the report individually and toggle between table and chart using javascript. Thanks.
  3. Hi Matt, yes it is possible by utilizing the usage of client web service example. I was able to even get the input control as long as you understand the structure. You can try the usage of: com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.sample.WSClient Import this file: com.jaspersoft.jasperserver.api.metadata.xml.domain.impl.*; And get any resources by using this: ResourceDescriptor result = client.get("/adfdasf/asdfadf/dfasdf"); java.util.List<ResourceDescriptor> abc = (java.util.List<ResourceDescriptor>)result.getChildren(); Regards, Deddy
  4. Look at this: http://jaspershare.blogspot.com/2012/03/jasperserver-limitation-on-domain-query.html Thanks.
  5. jcuser


    There is an element which exceed your area limit.
  6. Hi Marco, It's how they build it from the base. I'm not sure how they did it but most of their image is like that. If you want to change the icon, make sure the whole using same size and same position for each individual icon. Thanks.
  7. - Right Click the chart - Edit "Chart Properties" - Click "Chart Data" Tab - Click "Dataset Items" Tab - Click on item that is exists there - Click "Modify" - Click "Item Hyperlink" On there, depends how you want to drill down, you can choose your hyperlink type as "Report Execution" and specify the link parameter there. If you want in dashboard then you should select hyperlink type as "Reference" and specify your javascript there. Regards, -DJ-
  8. Give me your web.xml and applicationcontext-security.xml I will take a look at it. Thanks.
  9. Hi, Are you sure it is not the problem with the email SMTP? I have 1 application (not on jasper) and using exchange as smtp. This case happen once in a while, so I would take it as exhange problem, not jasper problem. Thanks.
  10. Hi, Honestly I haven't try this. But if you are looking for the file, it will be inside database jasperserver table JIRESOURCE. Thanks.
  11. Hi marco, It is inside database named: home_icons_sprite.png You have 2 choices here: 1. Customizing the installation to totally replace that icon 2. Creating your own themes and upload file with the same structure, name and format. Then apply your new theme. It will read that new Icon you've uploaded. That's it.
  12. Hi, Can use put this parameter into your report? viewAsDashboardFrame=true is this the one that you need?
  13. Which button are you talking about? It's all inside the template.
  14. Do u recently update something? I remember there's something about the max length from the UI.
  15. It's inside the jasperserver table JIJDBCDATASOURCE. My recommendation is that not changing it to extremely :D
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