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  1. This class in traditional Java SE library since version 1.4. Can you attach original jrxml file?
  2. Hi, Have you tried to use remove line when blank property? Best regards, Taras
  3. Hi, Sub reports are evaluated before code you've provided. So first data source (which is empty or null at that moment) is passed to subreport and only after it is populated during beforeDetailEval() execution. Why you not use pure report parameter for your data source, populate it on back-end of your application and then simply pass it to sub report? Best, Taras
  4. Hi, I would suggest to created NUMBER_FORMAT variable in report: java.text.NumberFormat.getPercentInstance($P{REPORT_LOCALE}) Then is your pie use something like this: $V{NUMBER_FORMAT}.format($F{YOUR_FIELD}) Hope this will help. Best, Taras
  5. Hi everybody, I have one trivial issue but unfortunatelu could not find solution yet. The idea is to show 1,2,3, ... n series (lines) on one chart dynamically depending on enter boolean (or other) parameter. For instance, if show1 == true then show only 1 series (line) on chart, if show1 == true and show2 == true then show both series (lines), etc. So I'm looking for something similar to printWhenExpression for series. Would be grateful for any comments/solutions/possible work arounds. Thank you. Taras Matyashovsky
  6. Hi, Are you getting some error on UI or in the log file? Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  7. Hi Jon, For building sources I've using Intellij IDEA, but I'm acquainted with Eclipse IDE also. First of all I would advise you to have a look at JasperServer-CE-Source-Build-Guide.pdf which is located in docs folder. There you will find a lot of answers. If you have some particular questions - I'm ready to respond. Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  8. Hi, Not sure if its possible but you can create main report and 2 sub reports in it. For each of the sub reports you can pass different connection. Hope that will help. Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  9. Hi, There is an import/export tool. It is located in the scripts folder. Simple usage: To import: js-import --input-zip <zipfile name> Example: js-import --input-zip c:\Report.zip To export: js-export --uris <full path of report> --output-zip <zipfile name> Example: js-export --uris /organizations/organization_1/reports/Test_Report --output-zip c:\Test_report.zip Please refer to the user guide for more details. Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  10. Hi Jeremy, What browser are you using? Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  11. Hi, The quickest solution which comes to my mind: 1. Upload company logo to the repository. For instance, it will be accessible via repo:/Images/company_logo.jpg 2. Edit report created using AdHoc. Use iReport and connect to existing JS instance. Add image component, set repo:/Images/company_logo.jpg as image expression. Save report. 3. Using iReport upload updated report to JS. 4. Run report using JS. Hope that will help. Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  12. Hi Robert, Jasper server database connections are specified in META-INF\context.xml. But as far as you can login and list data the problem is not in mentioned file. Can you please check data sources used in reports that do not run? Maybe you've moved to another network and they are no more accessible? Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  13. Hi Robert, Can you please attach log files? Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  14. Hi Jan, Have you tried to clear cache using Manage -> Adhoc Cache? Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
  15. Thank you. As far as I can see from the log you are using version. Mentioned bug was successfully fixed in next version which should be released soon. Best regards, Taras Matyashovsky
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