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  1. I get a java.lang.NullPointerException when I try to alter de default "SimpleStyle" after creating a style template (jrtx) in Jaspersoft® Studio. Im am using Jaspersoft Studio 6.1.0.final Do I something wrong? Regards, Jan Meijer
  2. Create an "input control" with type "single select query". Enter a SQL query to select the date values you want, like "to day", "yesterday" and "last month" like: select current_date() as id, 'Today' as name union select date_sub(current_date(), interval 1 day) as id, 'Yesterday' as name union select date_sub(current_date(), interval 1 month) as id, 'Last month' as name You can add as much "union select..." as you want
  3. After installing Acrobat Reader X on the client PCs, users cannot open reports in Pdf (in Internet Explorer). We didn't have this problem with previous versions of Acrobat Reader. We use jasperserver-ce-3.7.0. Acrobat Reader X can view the Pdf output of Jasperserver, after first saving de Pdf to file. What can we do (beside installing a previous version of Acrobat Reader)? Regards, JanM
  4. I have created an input control to select a specific error-code for an error-report. This input control selects also the error-messages and the number of times a specific error occurs (with count(*)). select vme.id , left(vme.code,3) as code , concat(vme.ernst ,lpad(vme.id,3,'0') ,' - ' ,vme.message ,' (' ,count(*) ,')' ) as message from hls_verwerking_melding vme join hls_verwerking_verslag vve on vve.id_vme = vme.id and (vme.ernst = $P{p_error_code} or $P{p_error_code} = '0') group by vme.id This works fine, but.... Jasperserver does not (always) refresh the selected data. When I use the input control, I get the same data as yesterday. (Yes, I am sure the data has been modified in the database) How can I instruct JasperServer not to cache the data in this input control? I use JasperServer CE 3.7.0 Regards, Jan
  5. I have exactly the same problem with 3.6.0. using compatibility of 3.0.0. I am sure my group footer does not contain new features, because I have created the report with iReport 3.0.0. Regards Jan Meijer
  6. You can use Runjasperreports. Website: http://gtwebmarque.com/wikis/gtwm/index.php/RunJasperReports_Usage Regards, Jan M
  7. How can I search in the postings on this forum with more than one keyword? Is it possible? When I use more than one keyword in the "Search Forum" search field, this search is handled as a phrase... Regards, Jan
  8. How can I search in the postings in this forum on more than one keyword? When I use more than one keyword, this search is handled as a phrase... Regards, Jan
  9. I have had the same problem on Windows Vista. I fixed the problem by changing the default MySQL engine to InnoDB. Regards, Jan M
  10. Thanks for your reply, but I do not understand your answer. I will rephrase my question: I have a folder e.g. "My Reports" with a sub-folder "MyReportsFinancial Reports". I want to define "Financial Reports" to be the default folder for the end users of JS (role_user). How can i achieve this in jasperserver-servlet.xml? Regards, Jan Meijer
  11. Is it possible to set the default folder after logging in (JS 3.0)? Regards, Jan Meijer
  12. Sherman Wood Wrote: Have a look at using permissions. If you want normal users to not see particular folders, just give them "No Access" to those folders. Then they will never see those folders in the repository manager or in the report list. Sherman Jaspersoft When you set folders to "No Access" (like the images-folder with logo's), a user does not have permission to view reports with logo's. I am looking for a kind of "run-but-invisable" permission. Regards, Jan meijer
  13. Is there a possibility to hide folders for users (role_user) in JS 3.0? Users get confused when browsing trough folders they don't understand.... Regards, Jan Meijer
  14. Thanks, I found some useful information in posting "Row level security logged in user as parameter?" There is also an example in JasperServer, /Reports/Samples/Sales by Month Report Regards, Jan Meijer
  15. In JasperServer, you can define users an roles to controle authorization. I want to pass the current user as a parameter to my jrxml report, to filter the data for this user. Is this possible in JasperServer v3.0? Regards, Jan Meijer
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