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Problem with rules


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Hi to everyone!


First of all, congratulations for the new website.


I am doing some tests with JasperServer(JasperIntelligence), and I have one problem.

1.I added 2 reports in the repository

2.Created 2 users and 2 roles.

3.Assign each role for each user

4.I logedIn with the first user and in the repository browser page he only access the report

that he have rigth by the role, it happends for the other user too, but, if anyone of the

users go to the interactive reports page, they can access all the reports of the repository,

independet if they have right to access or not.


Somebody can help me to solve this problem!





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I noticed the same thing and Posted it to Source Forge. It seems that the report and olap views are not obeying the permissions. If I just view all then the resources then the permissions are obeyed. Sherman Wood did reply that he had a fix.
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Are you seeing this behavior:

  • Users in the Repository browser can only see the folders and resources they have permissions for
  • View Reports and View Analysis Views shows reports and analysis views the users do not have permissions for


You may need to remove the default permissions for ROLE_USER, too.





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