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Intermittent problem in printing Group footer in a table.


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Hi ,

I've two tables in the jrxml with two different datasets. In these two tables, one table is having two groups on the two fields of the dataset. one group field is used in group header and footer both. Another group field is used in Group footer only.

Sometimes, after generating PDF, the footer value for the first set of group, are coming blank. Here "Blank When Null" is checked. But I can see in system log, all the data in DTO list is present properly.

This is happening only for the 1st Group of the table. from next grouped values are coming properly.

Even problem doesn't persist after regenerate the PDF with same data. 

There is no exception has been noticed in system logs.

I can share my jrxml if required.


Looking for suggestions on the same.


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I will try to find an answer for you. In cases where "sometimes it's not working" -  it is ab bit tricky to finde something. 

As a starting point can you please share the jrxml and a screen shot of the working and not-working PDF?

It is also helpful to see what release you are using. 


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Hello Joy,

I have gone through the jrxml and couldn't see any issues. Could you please try the below and advise.

1. Please try removing the logic " $R{java.bill.detailSumm.sTotal.label} + " " + $F{serviceSegment} + "u00a0u00a0" +new DecimalFormat("#,###,###.00").format($V{segAmtGroupTotal})" with $R{java.bill.detailSumm.sTotal.label} and see if this fixes the issue.

if the issue is fixed , we can conclude that during the calculation of  "+ $F{serviceSegment} + "u00a0u00a0" +new DecimalFormat("#,###,###.00").format($V{segAmtGroupTotal})"  is causing some issue.


2. If the issue is not fixed, please generate the report with other formats (docx etc.) and see if the issue can be replicated. 

3. Untick "Blank when NULL" and check whether null is getting printed to confirm if the expression evaluates to null somehow. 


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