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  1. Hi, The problem is resolved now by overrating HTMLexporter's table creation. jasper HtmlExporter is calculating TR height by distance between start Coordinate and endCoordinate. Hence, the TR height is being impacted by Text length unnecessarily sometime.
  2. Hi, I'm generating HTML report using jasper studio 6.18.1. I have table with columns group. The space between two rows is getting increased when text width is bigger than certain length. Here jasper table is adding <TR> with different height in px. In result, the gap between two rows becomes incosistent. I tried many options available in Jasper studio, but still no luck. I'm not able to add any custom CSS class for table <TR> elements. I have added the jrxml here. Someone please suggest me a solution for the same problem.
  3. Hi prparame, Thanks for your suggestions. Previously the total calculation was not there in jrxml and it was a simple field. That time also the problem was there. However, I will try your suggestions and update if get it fixed.
  4. Thanks TT, for showing your interest. I'm using Jasper Studio 6.20.0. Please find attached jrxml and pictures. NOTE: Table in the shared pictures is output of the table given in 2nd detail section of JRXML, where the problem has been noticed.
  5. Hi , I've two tables in the jrxml with two different datasets. In these two tables, one table is having two groups on the two fields of the dataset. one group field is used in group header and footer both. Another group field is used in Group footer only. Sometimes, after generating PDF, the footer value for the first set of group, are coming blank. Here "Blank When Null" is checked. But I can see in system log, all the data in DTO list is present properly. This is happening only for the 1st Group of the table. from next grouped values are coming properly. Even problem doesn't persist after regenerate the PDF with same data. There is no exception has been noticed in system logs. I can share my jrxml if required. Looking for suggestions on the same.
  6. Hi, I have designed a nested table in jasper 6.20.0 and trying to pass list of beans to outer table and inner table as well.Outer table is getting populated by data, but inner table is not. There are many different options I tried in jasper design. But problem is all parameters or fields are not getting visible to Inner table and design is throwing compilation error. In java code I tried to pass the list through JRBeanCollectionDataSource parameters, JRMapCollectionDataSource parameters etc and made change the datatype of jasper parameters accordingly. I tried by changing configuration of the bean objects like > outer POJO class having List of Inner POJO object. >outer POJO class having List of JRBeanCollectionDataSource object. But still no luck. Could anyone please guide me or share an example of similar implementation.
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