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How can I print different values in a field based on the values in parameter?

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I want to implement shortcode in my report. For example, when a user inputs  'a' the field will show 'all'. Similarly, the field will show 'few' for 'f' and so on. Is there any way I can implement it without modifying my database? I want to accomplish this by using Jaspersoft Studio only.

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Yes. There are several ways.

First is to use use Text Field and have if conidtion to choose what to display.



Second is just to create layered Static Text components and use Print When Expression to choose which Static Text to display.

Third is to use scriplet to replace the value. If there are many reports requiring the same substitution, this may be the easiest to maintain.

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1. Open up a web browser.

2. Enter "https://www.google.com/"  as the URL

3. Enter "jaspersoft studio print when expression" to find out about "print when expression"

3. Enter "jaspersoft studio scriptlet" to learn about scriptlet.


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