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remove "locale" from currency format

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I recently updated to JS 6.6.0 and trying some reports I noticed some extra characters in currency columns like ARS 1.234,00 when the usual and what I want is $1.234,00 or €1.234.00 (if I change to location/region of the OS)

Running the preview (JasperStudio) It doesn't change the ¤ for anything and compiling and running through my app + payara it shows the extras ARS

I am using Payara 4, on Windows 10

The pattern is exactly the same as always ¤#,##0.00 

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Thanks but it was definitely something related Payara, a JVM property that I added

-Duser.language=en (this is because the translation of logs exception to my OS/Region language (Spanish) is too bad, so I wanted all in English)

having to change hundreds of report couldn't be the solution

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