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JaspersoftStudioPro Evaluation, cannot run JasperReports.io Report

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Hello, I downloaded JasperReports.io for evaluation and have it running as a service on port 8079.

I also downloaded Jaspersoft Studio Pro to try and create some sample reports for evaluation. I am following the getting started videos from TIBCO JasperSoft YouTube page for configuring a JasperSoft Studio project and repository for JaperReports.io (here:

)  When I try to preview my test report, I get the following error: "unexpected.error: com.jaspersoft.jasperreports.license.LicenseException: Licesnse at /jasperreports.license has expired" There is no way to preview the report. It appears that the report is trying to run from "http://localhost:8081/jrio-docs/viewer/viewer.html?jr_report_uri=/reports/test" 

Is there some configuration I am missing?

Note, please, that when I check the License Manager of Jaspersoft Studio is says that I am running Product Name "JRPro" in License Type "Evaluation" and license expiration date of  5/21/19



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I've experienced this when I installed Jaspersoft Studio on a pc that I've installed a trial version before and it expired. It seems like there's a hidden file written somewhere.

Try installing on a new pc or in a vmbox or docker image with fresh os.

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Also, in the install folder, (C:Program FilesTIBCOJaspersoft Studio Professional-7.2.1jriojrioWEB-INFclasses)

I am seeing that the file jasperreports.license has a create date of 12/11/2018 on the file. I just installed the package yesterday.

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Hozawa, That is a valid point, however, I downloaded the file (TIB_js-jss_7.2.1_windows_x86_64.exe) on March 21, 2019.  I downloaded the JasperReports.IO eval on the same day. The JasperReports.IO instance runs all the sample reports. But I can't use Jaspersoft Studio to preview any of my own reports.

This makes no sense. I have submitted this question also to the TIBCO "Contact Us" page and they simply referred me here to the community. This is frustrating and it seems TIBCO could care less that I am able to properly evaluate their product.

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are you using the same license file in both JRIO and JSS? Are you running the report against the separate instance of JRIO or internal JSS version of JRIO? Are you able to run some random reports outside of JRIO type project? JSS has an internal JRIO module that helps you test the reports that are to be deployed later to JRIO instance. That one should pick up the license from the studio. But if you are deploying a separate instance of JRIO then the license needs to be applied there separately.

You say you deployed JRIO on port 8079 but the error is thrown from port 8081 so it seems it's using two different instances.

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Friendly User,

Your comment gave me the idea to take the license file from the dedicated JasperReports.io evaluation install location on my system (C:Jaspersoftjrio-1.0.1jriowebappsjrioWEB-INFclassesjasperreports.license)

and copy it to the JasperSoft Studio location for it's internal JasperReports.io instance (C:Program FilesTIBCOJaspersoft Studio Professional-7.2.1jriojrioWEB-INFclassesjasperreports.license)

Voila, I am able to preview my JasperReports.io test report inside of Jaspersoft Studio. This is just what I was looking for. It seems that the General JasperSoft Studio Evaluation license will not run JasperReports.io in evaluation mode. However if users download JasperReports.io seperately and apply the license file as I did above, then it will work.


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